In Donetsk, thundering explosions heard again

October 5: A series of loud explosions sounded in the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and residents were more than a little alarmed. Three or four explosions were heard in the Proletarian, Kalinin and Budennovsk districts of Donetsk.


According to the Army Center for Air Defense, the DNR again shot down drones (UAVs) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU). This information is confirmed by local residents.

“I was standing on the balcony and saw an Air Defense rocket fly past. It was loud, because it exploded low to the ground. The second exploded just below the slaughterhouse,” says a resident of the Kalinin district.

“I confirm seeing the rocket fly from a window, then fireworks in the sky and a second big bang. There were three such,” reported a resident of the Voroshilov district.

Other Donetsk residents contradicted these accounts, due to loudness of the bombings, and claim to have heard artillery.

“Artillery or tanks firing on positions filmed by drones?” wondered Donetsk resident Artem Kolchin on social media.

“Self-Defense Donetsk,” in turn, argues that mortar shells were fired at the DNR capital: “at 20:30 – Village Rd. 4 Abakumov arrival. Mortar.”

As previously reported, according to “Russian Spring,” on October 3 near the towns of Yenakiyevo, Yakovlevka and Korsun, four APU UAVs were shot down, which carried out aerial reconnaissance of DNR army positions.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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