Amram Petrosyan: Armenians worldwide must mobilize against ISIL

October 3: It’s been 100 years since the genocide of the Armenian people — one of the worst chapters in world history. And once again we are threatened with genocide, but now not only the Armenian people, but people all over the world. 

Amram Petrosyan, leader of international movement NAR

Today, Syria is doing its best to combat fanaticism and uncompromising bigotry. In this small, once prosperous country, fierce fighting rages between government troops, militias and terrorist organizations. The most radical wing of the latter is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which, with the connivance of the international community, is literally spreading a bloody stain over the Middle East, and now actually threatens the security of Europe. 

How can we remain indifferent, silently watching the crimes committed by ISIL, shooting, burning and destroying lives, while feeling complete impunity? Isn’t it time to stop the abuses and the desecration of human values?

Today, it is clear that Washington is exploiting the conflict in an attempt to extend its world domination. The Americans are experienced at planning such things and are not used to facing obstacles.

Now imagine a situation where the outcome of a large-scale “Syrian game” starts to affect the Armenian community. According to mass media and military reports, our compatriots were able to stop the advance of a large ISIL group on the outskirts of the strategic city of Aleppo. Even when others wavered and retreated, Armenian militia continued to hold their positions and prevented the fall of the fortified area.

On September 25, as a result of an offensive, the Armenian and Kurdish People’s Protection Units freed the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross in the city of Tel Abyad on the border with Turkey.

However, now it is necessary to focus not on the battlefield, but on the obligation of Armenians around the world to help our brothers and sisters. It is clear that the forces of ISIL militants are increasing every day and the defense by the government troops is in an increasingly difficult position.

Assume the most tragic outcome – if it collapses, then the massacre of all those who fought against the fanatics will be inevitable. There is no doubt that the main attack would be against Christians, and among ISIL there is a special hatred of Armenians. After all, they are offering the most uncompromising resistance. Yet today’s war is not between religions, but between good and evil. And the ideology of ISIL is largely based on bloody revenge against all who disagree with their truly devilish doctrine. Therefore, today we should all unite, in our best traditions, to provide real assistance to the Syrian people.

First, we must immediately “ring the bell” and warn loudly about the possibility of a “Syrian genocide.” It is also important to act quickly to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in Syria.

In this context, the Development Center of the Armenian Community (the international movement NAR) has reached an agreement on the deployment of staff and humanitarian aid gathered in Poland, France, Germany, Montenegro, the United States, Iraqi Kurdistan and other countries, to provide information, humanitarian, moral and psychological support to Syria.

Moreover, it is necessary to create a humanitarian corridor to provide the needed treatment to soldiers and civilians, as well as the children left orphaned by the war.

Currently, representatives of NAR are providing humanitarian and legal assistance to Armenian refugees from Syria in Serbia.

We believe the time has come for decisive action. We must unite as one to show the world our patriotic spirit and unity in the struggle for peace and freedom of all people, regardless of race and religion. 

The international movement NAR calls on the Armenian Diaspora and all people of goodwill to mobilize and rebuff the terrorism of ISIL. We are not entitled to demonstrate indifference and disunity in the face of the new generation. This is the moment of truth when, not in words but in deeds, we must prove that we are worthy descendants of our ancestors, and the blood that was shed by our parents and grandparents will never be forgotten and trampled. It is impossible to look with confidence to the future, as long as there is a possibility that this problem may burden future generations — our children and grandchildren.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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