Moldova: Appeals court upholds 30-day jail sentence for Petrenko, Red Bloc activists

Former deputy Grigory Petrenko, along with Red Bloc party activist Alexander Roshko, will remain under arrest until October 6.
On Wednesday, September 15, a hearing of the Appeals Court was held in Chisinau, Moldova, during which it considered the petition by attorneys of the political prisoners to strike down the decision of the lower court. 
The court refused to take into account the arguments of counsel and upheld the decision to jail ex-deputy Grigory Petrenko, as well as Red Bloc activist Alexander Roshko, for 30 days. 
It is noteworthy that the hearing of the “Petrenko Group” began at 3 p.m. Despite the fact that the session was scheduled for 1 p.m., the hearing began two hours late, while the political prisoners were held in the basement of the Appeals Chamber.  
Earlier it was reported tht the authorities charged former deputy Grigory Petrenko of “organizing mass disorder” in the course of a peaceful protest on September 6 at the Prosecutor General’s Office, which demanded the resignation of Attorney General Gurin.

Convoy for political prisoners

Two dozen police with machine guns escorted the “Petrenko Group” into court.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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