Video: Freedom for political prisoners in Ukraine!

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! This 10-minute video highlights the plight of leftist activists imprisoned, tortured and disappeared by the far-right junta in Kiev, Ukraine, backed by the U.S. government. It is important that we begin building solidarity with these comrades in the West.

For more info and updates:

Union Borotba (Struggle)

Red Star Over Donbass

Slideshow created by Maria M.
Translation by Greg Butterfield

All music in the public domain 

‘Song of the Brave’
Music: V. Beliy 
Lyrics: A. Surkov 
Singers: Andrey Bezverkhiy & 
Vladimir Troshinskiy, 1941

Music: Isaak Dunaevskiy 
Lyrics: V.Mass & M.Chervinskiy 
Singer: Tatyana Shmiga, 1955

‘Song of the Dnieper’
Music: M.Fradkin 
Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy, 1941

¡No pasarán!

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