Lukashenko’s speech : How we punched the West in the teeth

By Nadezhda Sablina

May 28: On Wednesday, at a meeting in the Oval Hall of the Government House, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko clearly and unequivocally made it clear to our enemies: we will fight for the country to the last. It is already clear from the reaction of people on the Internet that the statements of the Belarusian leader met with warm support and inspired the patriotic part of our society, as well as people who sympathize with us abroad. Let’s examine some of the main theses of the President.

The West must be stopped today, otherwise it will be too late tomorrow

Both the President and the Minister of Defense spoke directly about the immediate military threat to Belarus, and after it to Russia, from the collective West. And again, these are not scare stories. Objective information about large-scale military exercises in Europe, the constant increase in the contingent of NATO troops, the increased number of military equipment near our borders in the west and south, is public knowledge.

Belarus is a strong and independent country of special, proud people, with a heightened sense of justice

The coup attempt in Belarus in 2020 was the most thoughtful and well-prepared over the past quarter of a century and promised success. The strategists of the color revolutions were already rubbing their hands in anticipation of carving up such a valuable trophy as the territory of our country. And so the failure of the coup caused them a fit of frenzied anger, interspersed with impotent hysteria. Now they take up arms in earnest. Their intentions clearly show the version of promoting “democracy” practiced in the 1990s in Yugoslavia, as Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said at the meeting.

We are back on the front lines. Of course, we are not alone: ​​Russia and China are behind us. For China, a stable, developing and friendly Belarus is extremely important for entering the European markets. But our country will have to shoulder the main burden of hostilities, unless we and other peace-loving peoples, including in Europe itself, stop the mad designs of Western politicians and the military, as well as the financial tycoons who stand behind them.

Under the guise of a pandemic, strong countries solve their problems

And they solve them, according to the President, at the expense of the well-being of small and medium-sized peoples. It took people about a year since the onset of “coronavirus psychosis” to understand for what purpose the situation with the spread of the virus was used by the ruling elites. The rise in unemployment and the impoverishment of the population of many countries at one pole and an increase in the concentration of wealth at the other are the result of the measures that were allegedly introduced to protect people from disease.

In the midst of this insolent robbery by the “elites” of their own and foreign peoples, with insufficient funding of state healthcare, Belarus looks like a black sheep. Our experience has shown that during the period of the pandemic, it is possible not only to continue working with an increase in production volumes, but also to effectively treat people in public health institutions. This truth, dangerous for the developed countries, hardly reaches the people through their censorship. And therefore, as Alexander Lukashenko noted, the West will have to answer to its peoples for senseless lockdowns, which only led to a deterioration in the life of the population.

Photo: Minsk Pravda

We don’t have revolutionaries, we have crooks

This thesis was spoken by the Head of State before, but in a more curtailed form. On Wednesday, Alexander Lukashenko finally drew attention to the fact that we had not and could not have had any attempt at revolution. The President reminded, and to those who had not read the works of our greatest philosophers — the classics of Marxism-Leninism — he explained under what conditions a revolution is possible. Namely: when the lower strata do not want to live in the old way, and the upper strata cannot govern in the old way, when the need of the working masses is exacerbated beyond the usual and their activity increases.

Those who organize color revolutions all over the world are most afraid of a genuine revolution that will sweep away their world domination and liberate the working and oppressed peoples. That is why confusion of concepts and distortion of the meanings of words are beneficial to them. In such confusion, when people do not understand the difference between revolution and counter-revolution, neoliberal coup d’état and national liberation struggle, when it is not clear what is good and what is bad, it is impossible to resist threats.

So a clear explanation that a revolution is always a progressive leap that takes place according to the laws of the development of society and does not depend on anyone’s will is extremely important. Only the truth can strengthen the people, mobilize them to defend their interests. Lies and confusion always weaken him. It is not in vain that the President urged his subordinates to bring the truth to the masses.

Truly sharp-toothed media and journalists

Such a description was given by the President to our combat information resources, which seemed to have been replaced in August last year: they actively began to conduct an offensive on the information front.

Unfortunately, we still have few bold, energetic journalists who promptly react to events. But what is even sadder is the small coverage of the Internet audience by our media. Liberal opposition resources still dominate there.

Psychologically, our society is ready to become a part of the new Eurasia, its outpost. There is a struggle for the minds and consciousness of people. The head of state suggested that at this stage we had won the war of worldviews. But, firstly, this is still only an assumption, it is difficult to verify it. And secondly, this war does not stop. And if we do not attack, then they will attack us; there can be no truce here.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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