Open Letter To President Ivan Duque

We address you, Mr. Duque, as the determiner of the murder of Jesús Santrich, the blind man who saw with the eyes of his soul, the main insurgent architect of the Havana Peace Agreement. We want to tell you that your hatred of peace, and your vain attempt to find a lifeline in the shipwreck of your bad government through a political crime, will not help you to reach the shore.

You, Mr. Duque, ordered the Public Force to eliminate Santrich for having denounced your scandalous alliance with Ñeñe Hernández [José Hernández Aponte], the mobster who managed to get you into the presidential seat thanks to the collection of money from drug traffickers to finance your campaign. His controversy with Santrich ended in a verbal duel with Latin prayers that caught the attention of the country. Remember? In the case of the political Ñeñe, your accomplice, the Prosecutor [Francisco] Barbosa, prefers to close his eyes to the crime and not take any legal action. 

Your presidency has no legitimacy. Take advantage, now that the people are seething with indignation in the streets, and leave. This insurrection, this resistance from Colombia, would not have exploded if you had respected the Peace Agreement. The fire consuming Colombia will not be put out by the fire of Zapateiro and Vargas’ rifles, nor will it be quelled by the assassination of Santrich.

And of course, it wasn’t just you who threatened to kill the peace negotiator. So did Rafael Guarín, the presidential security adviser, and Diego Molano, the defense minister. Don’t make up wild fantasy tales now to deceive people, like the one that Santrich was murdered by dissenters. Since when did the dissidents have helicopters to extract their commandos from areas of operations? Very suspicious that, a few days earlier, the magistrate of the Court, Gerson Chaverra, ignoring the already unmasked set up by the DEA, the Prosecutor’s Office and the U.S. Embassy against Santrich, issued a favorable opinion for his extradition. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of Colombians.

No longer misinform through so-called intelligence reports. Don’t cover up anymore. You created the special force made up of five army commandos and three ex-combatants familiar with the area, with whom you developed the plan and the trap to assassinate Santrich.

Finally, Mr. Duque, what were you looking for when you cut off the little finger of the guerrilla’s left hand? To have proof of his murder? Frankly…

Through this letter we inform the people of Colombia that the remains of Santrich are buried in the mountains and certainty tells us that one day not far away they will rest and be venerated in the mausoleum of the homeland.

FARC-EP, Second Marquetalia

May 22, 2021


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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