Bolivarian Continental Movement: Jesús Santrich as symbol of global insurgency

The importance of Commander Santrich as a symbol of the global insurgency against imperialism!

The Bolivarian Continental Movement (MCB) dismisses with great honors one of the most outstanding Marxist-Bolivarian thinkers, an exemplary fighter for the liberation of Colombia, the Great Homeland and all of Humanity.

In these tragic and painful hours, in which the peoples of the world have been informed by their comrades from the FARC-EP Second Marquetalia of the death of Commander Santrich, we would like to pay a just tribute to one of the best children of Colombia.

His lucidity and coherence led him to denounce the adulterated Havana “peace process,” to start a hunger strike demanding the freedom of his imprisoned comrades, to resign his seat in Congress and break with the surrendering and traitorous clique, to return to the green mountains of his beloved Perijá, resuming the guerrilla struggle in the refounded revolutionary army, loyal to the example of Manuel Marulanda, Jacobo Arenas, Jorge Briceño and Alfonso Cano.

We have no doubt that in his immense moral dimension, his political-military authority, his multifaceted talent, his socialist convictions and his internationalist vocation — along with his audacity to break the infamous siege of the attempted extradition to the United States against him — there is the true cause of this heinous crime.

With our broken hearts and the pride of having been his comrades and friends — aware of the importance of his example to the Gallery of the Heroes and Heroines of Our America — we bid farewell to the fearless guerrilla, consistent internationalist, political-military strategist, poet, musician, cartoonist, friend and unforgettable comrade.

We formally accuse the heads of the terrorist states of Colombia, the United States and Israel of this vile massacre in the context of the current blood orgy and the impoverishing neoliberal policies that motivate the just, persistent and heroic rebellion of the diversity of the Colombian people and the youth.

How wrong are those who think that with the murder of Jesús Santrich the struggle against the narco-terrorist regime of the devastating Colombian oligarchy will disappear. Today there are millions who, with dignity and struggle, flood the streets of the big cities and the fields of Colombia, saying enough to the criminal government of Duque and Uribe, showing that they are willing to give their lives to conquer a future of social justice and form a new government at the service of the vast majority.

At such a transcendent moment, the MCB Presidency has decided to recognize the valuable contributions of Commander Santrich and honor his memory by declaring May 17, the date of this ominous punitive action, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GLOBAL INSURGENCE AGAINST DECADENT AND CRIMINAL IMPERIALISM.

The Bolivarian Continental Movement (MCB), whose strategic direction Jesús Santrich was part of, also calls on all organizations, political and social forces, and popular movements of the world, to denounce the criminal and predatory Colombian regime and to stand in solidarity with the legitimate demands of the immense popular torrent that shakes the foundations of Colombia.



Our America, May 20, 2021

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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