Last resort: The U.S.-Colombian execution of Jesús Santrich

By Alberto Pinzón Sánchez

The last resort. Death as the last argument. \”The final solution\” of Nazi German fascism, firmly convinced in its brutality or stupidity that killing people will solve deep social problems; that killing and exterminating Jews and Bolsheviks would end the hated Jewish usurers and Bolshevik revolutionaries.

An equivalent in Colombia has been the theory of \”social cleansing\” of the dominant narco-fascists, which assumes that by killing the poor and miserable whom it calls \”disposables,” poverty will end. An applied theory that has given it so much experience and world renown and that later, under the screen of the counterinsurgent theories of the internal enemy, was extended to the extermination not only of disposables but also to the multiple political genocides (all unpunished to this today) of its political opponents and social rebels.

One of these was a cheerful young Barranquilla from the populous San Felipe neighborhood, named Jesús Santrich Núñez, a militant of the communist youth who, in the decade of the political genocide of the Patriotic Union, took part and was active in it, with a degree in Biology from the U del Atlántico, but a cartoonist by profession who signed his political posters as \”Jesan.” The student leader and biologist, nicknamed “el babillo” by his fellows, was executed with a shot to the head by an agent of Das José Solarte Duarte at dawn on Nov. 17, 1990.

That young man from Caribe who was gunned down had within his university political cell a close friend with the difficult-to-pronounce name of Seuxis Pausias from the coastal plain of Toluviejo, the son of a modest teacher of philosophy who was a passionate admirer of Simón Bolívar, a passion that he instilled in his son. At the funeral of his comrade and friend, oppressed by the unbearable situation of seeing his communist comrades from the Patriotic Union shot down one by one (just as he would see again 29 years later), convinced that there was no future in the situation, decided to take the name of his slain friend and give his rebellious ideas the practice of armed struggle by joining the FARC-EP guerrillas, using the name of his shot friend Jesús Santrich. Due to his charisma, intelligence and long-range vision, despite his irreversible blindness, he was soon promoted to positions of greater responsibility in the political-military structure that was being consolidated in the Caribe region, until he had the rank of commander.

On April 17, 2021, 31 years after the first Santrich was executed by the rising paramilitary narco-fascism, a “Colombian-Yankee bounty hunter commando” formed within the Colombian Army not only executed the second Santrich in an ambush, but also mutilated his corpse by cutting off a finger to identify him and thus be able to collect the million dollars that the governments of Colombia and the United States offered for his head.

Let\’s remind the world of the longevity of this practice of Colombian counterinsurgent fascism of mutilating corpses to identify them, for example, as it happened in March 2008 with the commander and member of the Secretariat of the FARC-EP Iván Ríos, whose corpse was mutilated by the army agent \”alias Rojas\” infiltrated in the guerrillas, who after shooting him in the head cut off not his finger but his right hand, with which he appeared before the nearest military battalion to collect the million-and-a-half dollars bounty put on his head as the \”last resort,” with which it tried to end the communist-oriented guerrilla insurrection.

The second Santrich, the commander of the FARC-EP, after the assembly to extradite him to the United States (accused of drug trafficking that Martínez Neira, the agent of the ultra-powerful financier Sarmiento Angulo in the Colombian Prosecutor\’s Office, was able to verify in his own head, as per his intellectual characteristics, rebellious political charisma and visual limitation), had been selected by his enemies to be liquidated, as the weakest link in the chain within the guerrilla group that had agreed to peace with the Santos government in Havana 2016.

Either a slow death in a maximum security prison in some hot desert in the U.S. 30 meters underground without any human rights, like his youthful friend, his fellow from Caribe Simón Trinidad, or shot down in a confrontation. With this perspective, without a future, aware that his destiny had reached a dead end with no return, as in 1991, he returned to arms — this time a little more \”symbolically,\” in order to accompany with his knowledge, ideas and far-seeing vision, a group of former comrades who shared with him the idea that it was better to die fighting counterinsurgent fascism than kneel before the perfidy and deceptions of the regime.

He knew it and said it on many occasions, and in the numerous videos that with a \”suicidal sub-fund\” he devoted himself to making and posting on the internet, also aware that these videos were the safest clue to his fatal location for those who, motivated by greed, were hunting him.

Guerrilla commander Santrich was soon located. There’s no doubt about it. Colombian sub-president Duque was informed, but the legal order for his death was lacking, as the feeling that his persecution had been a set-up, “a trap” of Prosecutor Martínez Neira, was still in the air and in public opinion. That order was made by the Duque-pressured Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia dated May 13, 2021 (four days before his execution), with which his extradition to the U.S. for drug trafficking was legalized and the hands of the perverse salaryman Martínez Neira were washed.

With this legal order (remember FP Santander\’s slogan: \”anything as long as it is a law\”), the Colombian Army\’s bounty hunters were given free rein to execute the undesirable blind person-who-saw-far-away, and in a yellow helicopter take the amputated finger along with the other biometric photos of testimonial identification for the collection of the million-dollar reward that the Colombian and U.S. governments offered jointly for his death, as the \”last resort\” of counterinsurgent fascism in its vain, sterile and cruel attempt to wipe out its internal enemies.

The rest is explained in the statement issued by his comrades from the Segunda Marquetalia group, widely publicized on social media.

And so we can end this short double obituary, asking ourselves: To which Santrich has the \”last resort\” been applied?


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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