Colombia: Commander Jesús Santrich assassinated, the struggle continues!

 Comandante Jesús Santrich: the struggle continues

With pain in our hearts, we inform Colombia and the world of the sad news of the death of Commander Jesús Santrich, a member of the Directorate of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP), Second Marquetalia, in an ambush executed by Colombian army commandos on May 17.

It happened in the Serranía del Perijá, a binational border area, between El Chalet and the village of Los Laureles, within Venezuelan territory. Colombian commandos penetrated that area by direct order of President Iván Duque. The truck where the commander was traveling was attacked with rifle fire and grenade explosions. After the crime, the murderers cut off the little finger of his left hand. A few minutes later, near the site, the commandos were quickly extracted in a yellow helicopter bound for Colombia.

To his family, our deepest condolences. We accompany you in their infinite desolation and in the sadness that overwhelms your soul. Santrich fell free; free as he wanted. Free dreaming of the New Colombia in complete peace, with social justice, democracy and a dignified life for its people, for the poor of the land, the excluded and discriminated against, and the defenseless population brutally attacked in these days by the army and the police in the streets by order of the monstrous tyranny of Duque and Álvaro Uribe. Santrich has left for eternity with all his lights on, with the geopolitical vision of Bolívar and Manuel dreaming of the victory of unity, brotherhood and solidarity of the peoples of the continent.

The news of Santrich\’s death will not save the arrogant tyrant Iván Duque from unleashed popular anger. To the Colombian people mobilized for 20 days in permanent protest against bad government, we ask, in homage to Santrich, not to slacken in their just struggle and to throw themselves with all their might to defeat this damn regime that is squeezing us to the soul. We call on you to continue fighting in the streets until we have a new government of the people and for the people, more humane, that thinks of the dignity of the people and not only about increasing the privileges of the oligarchies, a government without corruption or thieves of the state  as the fallen commander wanted.

Greetings to those who have left, but who are still with us, like Jesús Santrich, the man who consistently fought for peace for Colombia without betrayal and without perfidy.

Colombian people, for victory, CHARGE FORWARD!

FARC-EP, Second Marquetalia

May 18, 2021

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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