Moscow commemoration of Victor Anpilov

 Victor Anpilov – 75

The Executive Committee of Labor Russia informs supporters and associates that there will be an evening in memory of Victor Ivanovich Anpilov, leader and honorary chairman of the movement from 1991–2018, one of the founders of the Russian Communist Workers\’ Party, organizer of the weekly action to defend the Museum and Mausoleum of V.I. Lenin in Moscow, and an active participant in the Moscow popular uprising of 1993. 

Everyone who marched shoulder to shoulder, was familiar with or even empathized with the struggle of the ardent communist, Soviet international journalist, and consistent fighter for the restoration of Soviet power in Russia, who would have turned 75 on October 2, 2020, is invited to participate in the event.  

We will remember the leader and think together about the future.

Friday, October 2. Moscow, O\’Connell\’s Pub, st. Pokrovka, 18 / 18s1. Starting at 18.30. 

For all questions please contact:

Executive Committee of \”Labor Russia\”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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