Biden recordings: What they say was already clear to everyone in Ukraine

The worst part about Biden’s recordings is that they didn’t cause a sensation

What they say was already clear to everyone in Ukraine…

By Andriy Manchuk

May 20: About the recordings of Poroshenko and Biden. The worst part is, they did not cause a particular sensation.

Everyone already knew that the post-Maidan government had lost its independence and was under humiliating external control, long ago surpassing the classical “banana republics” in this regard. And talk of independence and dignity is nothing more than shameful hypocrisy.

Everyone understood that the cosmic increase in tariffs was imposed on Ukrainian politicians by the direct dictates of the IMF and the United States — although Poroshenko obligingly reported on over-fulfillment of the regional committees’ plans and raised tariffs not by 75 percent, but by immediately by 100 percent.

Everyone heard that the American patrons of the Maidan wanted to receive their dividends, hiding their involvement in the ubiquitous Ukrainian corruption. And for this the Prosecutor General was easily removed — in exchange for a loan that will be paid not by Poroshenko, but by your children.

That’s why nothing is going to change. Robbed by Poroshenko and Biden, the patriots will brush it off, and continue to pray to their gods and idols — at the same time wondering where to find money for public services. They will tell you that a good Ukrainian politician is obliged to grovel before the Great White Lord — because this is the sacred order on which the universe stands. And the interests of the United States are much more important than the down-to-earth needs of ordinary Ukrainians, and it’s not a sin to suffer for them — in the name of high Euro-Atlantic ideals.

But Zelensky will simply not notice anything — so as not to offend new coalition partners and not to quarrel with the corrupt overseas officials. And he will speak with the American overlords in the same spirit and in the same tone.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

3 thoughts on “Biden recordings: What they say was already clear to everyone in Ukraine

  1. As you say, not a surprising revelation as US imperialism taking over the Ukraine with its fascist puppets cannot be anything but corruption and stamping the working people of Ukraine into the ground. Other peoples have faced similar situations and thrown off these beasts. Glory and freedom to the hero defenders of Donbass your Soviet ancestors will be so proud of you and your struggle for liberation.


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