United Communist Party activists launch flash mob dedicated to Lenin’s 150th birthday

St. Petersburg United Communist Party (OKP) activists launch flash mob dedicated to Lenin’s 150th birthday

Friends, the anniversary of the outstanding revolutionary, thinker, practitioner of the communist idea, the founder of our homeland — Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union — is approaching. April 22 will mark 150 years since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

And no epidemic will prevent us from celebrating this anniversary. Now it is difficult for us, the Leninist communists, to hold mass rallies. Thanks to the global Internet network, we can make an online action no less massive, noticeable and important for the propaganda of Leninist ideas than offline events.

We, activists of the United Communist Party, invite you to take part in the social media flash mob #ЛЕНИН150 #LENIN150.

To do this, you need to record and upload a video with the hashtag, as well as a single splash screen, which we offer.

In the video you can:

  • retell interesting episodes from the biography of Lenin, certain historical facts related to the life of Ilyich or his legacy;
  • cite “evergreen” quotes from Lenin’s articles, books and speeches, the most topical theses and thoughts;
  • tell about how Lenin entered your life;
  • read excerpts from the works of Lenin or about Lenin;
  • sing a song about Lenin, including your own composition, post a cartoon based on the works of Lenin, a video sketch or any other creation on an anniversary theme.

In general, the video can be anything that would be nice to hear about the hero of the day and his associates. Imagine that we are going to a great friend’s birthday and are preparing a sincere gift for him.

There are just two conditions:

  • The video should not be longer than 3 minutes.
  • The video should not contain obscene and rude language (we will respect the hero of the day and each other).

So, we announce the start of the action #ЛЕНИН150. The best video with the hashtag #ЛЕНИН150 will receive a PRIZE from the St. Petersburg branch of the OKP!

Long live communism! Long live proletarian solidarity! Long live the name and work of Lenin!

Happy birthday, Ilyich!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “United Communist Party activists launch flash mob dedicated to Lenin’s 150th birthday

  1. Thank you Mother Russia for giving the world Vladmir Ilyich. His commitment to freedom for the working class, his brilliance, his principles, his great works which guides us, Revolution in our lifetime.


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