Russia: United Communist Party calls for emergency measures to combat pandemic

The pandemic unfolding around the world and the global economic crisis require immediate measures, both of a sanitary-medical and economic nature. Not only health but also the well-being of the population is at risk. Despite this, we see that the measures taken by the Putin government to combat the spread of the pandemic and the economic crisis provoked by it are insufficient and are aimed primarily at supporting businesses, not working people. The full brunt of the crisis falls on the shoulders of the working class again.

In this situation, the United Communist Party calls for:

1. Recognize the current situation as an emergency, immediately introduce quarantine in the most affected regions.

Nationalize vital sectors under workers’ control: private clinics, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, retail chains, public transport, including taxi apps, hotels and vacant housing.

2. In order to meet the basic needs of the population, take the following measures:

– Freeze prices for food, medicine, medical supplies, impose severe criminal liability for unjustified price increases and speculation.

– Equate the MINIMUM unemployment benefit to the minimum wage.

– Freeze interest payments on loans and mortgages for individuals for a period of six months.

– Prohibit evictions. If necessary, provide housing for those in need from nationalized housing stock.

– Guarantee all students the opportunity to receive education remotely (to provide those in need with the necessary equipment, Internet services and textbooks), and their parents and guardians with wages. Introduce monthly payments in the amount of 5,000 rubles for each child, regardless of the right to “maternity capital.”

3. In the area of labor protection:

– Extension of paid days off for at least two months.

– The widest possible transition to remote work.

– Ban on dismissals at the initiative of the employer for a period of six months.

– Introduction of compensation for work in hazardous conditions at least double the amount with the provision of personal protective equipment at the expense of the employer, in cases where the personal presence of workers in the enterprise is necessary to ensure the life of society.

– Creation of health centers at all enterprises, institutions and organizations to monitor the health of workers.

– Creation of commissions from employees of enterprises for epidemiological monitoring and monitoring of compliance with safety requirements, with the right to decide on an immediate shutdown of the enterprise or its units.

4. Suspend the activities of organizations, including religious ones, which deny the danger of an epidemic and call for participation in public events.

5. To avoid abuse of quarantine and control measures, create bodies for public monitoring and control of the epidemiological situation and the actions of the authorities.

Presidium of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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