Grigory Petrenko: Before our eyes, capitalism is degenerating into an even more monstrous form

March 30: Who benefits from the shutdown of the economies of many countries and the introduction of a state of emergency under the pretext of combating the epidemic will be seen in the very near future. This opinion was shared by the leader of the European Left Party of Moldova, Grigory Petrenko. The politician wrote about this on his social media page.

Grigory Petrenko
“But it’s already obvious to me that the whole story, when the world economy is paused for an indefinite period of time, will lead to:

– even greater concentration / consolidation of capital and to the acquisition / destruction of small and medium-sized businesses;

– bankruptcies, redistribution of property and continuation of the merging of large capital with the state;

– massive unemployment and impoverishment of the population;

– reduced wages and worse labor rights of workers (for the same amount of work all will receive less, work more and in worse conditions);

– restore borders, customs / sanitary and other barriers between countries;

– significantly reduce the rights and freedoms of citizens, total control of movements, expenses, contacts, etc. of objectionable people inside and outside the country;

– de facto destruction of parliamentary democracy and the strengthening of authoritarian regimes and dictatorships (already under the pretext of the state of emergency, the role of parliaments is reduced to zero, elections are canceled or postponed);

– increased inequality both within countries and in the world as a whole.

The list goes on. Of course, you can allow yourself to be a zombie, sit at home, monitor the number of infected, not stick out and not ask questions. Surely, quarantine is actually appropriate for some time and for certain categories of citizens at risk. Opinions of experts vary. But policies, often disproportionate to threats, jeopardize the lives and health of hundreds of millions of people who will suffer from excessive actions to combat the virus.

Of course, the easiest way to be a popular politician is to say what many expect to hear. It’s easier to listen to hype today than to think. But let’s also ask questions, doubt, compare, analyze. The virus will weaken, the epidemic will subside, and in what system of relationships will we all find ourselves?

I am sure that before our very eyes, there is a rebirth of today’s capitalism into an even more monstrous form. And we are no longer talking about imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism in the well-known formulation of a hundred years ago. This, perhaps, will be about a new stage, post-imperialism, the essence of which has yet to be realized, and is yet to be named,” writes Petrenko.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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