Moscow rally celebrates ‘Woman and the Revolution’

‘Woman and the Revolution’

On March 8, Moscow communists held a rally and poetry readings in the center of the capital at the monument to Nadezhda Krupskaya. Sincere, strong, festive and tragic lines were devoted to women in the revolution, in the Great Patriotic War, and women fighting for a better world on different continents.

Photos: OKP
Representatives of the United Communist Party (OKP), Union of Communist Youth, “Communists of Russia” party, Workers’ University, “Labor Russia” and our friends and supporters took part in the action.

“Woman and the revolution” — this was the name of our event because the feat of a revolutionary woman is eternal, and we, the communists of our time, are equal to them.

Works presented at the event included:

Vera Inber – “The Soul of Leningrad”; Roberta Rozhdestvensky – “The Ballad of Anti-aircraft Gunners”; Indio Nabori – “Kashiguaya”; Vladislava Bronnitskaya – “The Red Dream”; “From a Letter from Rosa Luxemburg”; Valery Bryusov – “In March Days”; Vladimir Mayakovsky – “Paris Commune”; Stefaniya Danilova – “You are a Girl”; Alena Yurchenko – “About Alexandra Kollontai”; Nina Knyazeva – “Otlik”; and others.

Alexander Kubalov (“Strings and Sounds”) and Dmitry Cherny (“Echelon”) also performed their songs at the rally.

The event ended with a flash mob dance performed by Chilean feminists.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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