Ukraine: U.S.-owned hotel in Odessa bans Chinese guests

By Andriy Manchuk

In Odessa, the Hotel “California,” owned by a U.S. citizen named [Pavel] Shmukler, refuses to rent to Chinese people. Even though the establishment is located near the office of the Chinese cultural and educational center.

What racism. The Ukrainian media keep silent.


Discrimination? American hotel in Odessa refuses to rent rooms to guests from China

The Hotel California, located on Odessa’s Jewish Street, refuses guests from China.

The corresponding announcement appeared at the reception desk of the seven-story hotel. Apparently, the California’s administration was afraid of a coronavirus infection, an outbreak of which occurred in China. True, Odessa does not have direct flights with China, and it is unlikely that people who have recently visited Wuhan are coming into the establishment.

Human rights activists consider the hotel’s actions to be ethnic discrimination, which is prohibited by law. Violation of the equal rights of citizens depending on their race, nationality or religion, is a criminal offense under Art. 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Recall that the hotel was built in 2012 near the Main Synagogue of Odessa by a U.S. citizen of Odessan origin, Pavel Shmukler — the one who disfigured Pototsky’s house on Primorsky Boulevard and the Kamo Palace on Tiraspol Square, and is now erecting a skyscraper in Uspensky Lane, which will leave school No. 90 without natural lighting.

The construction of “California” was accompanied by a number of violations of urban planning legislation.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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