Hamburg protest: Down with U.S. imperialism in the Middle East, Jan. 25

Hamburg, Germany: Down with U.S. Imperialism in the Middle East!

Demonstration: Saturday 25 January 2020, 14:00 
Alster Pavilion (Hamburg) 
Since 2003, the USA has waged war based on lies in Iraq and poisoned the country with depleted uranium munitions. Before the beginning of the war, 1,000,000 Iraqis had already died as a result of US-imposed sanctions — the half of the victims were children. Cities that resisted were completely flattened, such as Fallujah and Mosul. The USA deployed 170,000 of its own soldiers as an occupying force. 
Iraq itself was not enough for the USA; they wanted to control the enter geopolitical region. The discontent of a large section of the masses was instrumentalized by the USA, leading to armed insurrections, which would serve Islamic fundamentalists like Al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Libya. The Islamic State is a tool, which serves as a Saudi, Qatari, and NATO (through Turkey) financially and militarily supported project for the destabilization of Syria and the entire region. It is on these conditions that the USA justifies its place in the Middle East, despite showing that their goal may not in fact be the defeat of IS. Over the course of the war, various Kurdish groups have also fallen into the arms of the USA. In order to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their country again jihadist terror, Syria has received help from Russia and Iran. Over 50,000 Syrian soldiers have died; they and their allies are above all responsible for the defeat of IS.
As a result of the increased resistance across the region, the USA has tried through all possible means to force the Tehran regime they hate to its knees, as can be see with their one-sided termination of the International Nuclear Agreement or economic sanctions which run contrary to international law. These developments have reached their peak with the recent murder of General Qassem Soleimani and seven other men, Iraqi Commander Al Muhandis counted among them, all of whom were on a diplomatic mission. The U.S. airbase in Ramstein, Germany served as a coordination center for the U.S. attack. A further 176 victims on board a Ukrainian commercial flight just a few kilometers away from Tehran have also fallen victim to the escalations. 
We do not want to accept another monstrous war, another decade of generations of malformed children, and thousands of deaths which served as an example of the alleged “progressiveness” of the West! If the goal is for the liberation of the Iranian people, then above all must their oppression at the hands of the USA and NATO cease.
Put an end to Germany’s support for the USA’s war politicking.
Bundeswehr out of Iraq!
USA out of Syria, Iraq, and the entire Middle East!

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