New Year greeting from Borotba of Ukraine and Donbass

Dear comrades!

We are pleased to greet you with the coming New Year, which means a new opportunity for struggle for the happy and progressive future of mankind! For peace, for humanism, for democracy and for socialism!
We see that across the planet, people of labour are rallying and unifying in their struggle for the right for the decent life!
It has always been that way. This brings us all together, and we express our mutual solidarity with all people of good will and progressive anti-capitalist and anti-fascist organizations.
For us, for representatives of the communist organization of Ukraine and the Donbass, international solidarity is very important.
The ability of the worlds’ anti-imperialist democratic organizations to share the class essence of protest in all corners of the world is extremely significant for us.
The difference between reaction and progress is enormous!
Chile and Venezuela, Syria and Iraq, Bolivia and Ukraine, Kurdistan and Libya, France, Scotland, Catalonia, the Basque countries and Ukraine with the Donbass are all link in one chain.
The worlds’ system of neoliberalism always uses fascist forces for its own benefit. Always against working people!
So, in the New Year, let us more actively establish our relations, exchange experience, inform our fellow citizens about the struggle of the forces of Good against the forces of Evil and support each other!
Our future is tomorrow, the passed year is our yesterday’s struggle experience – reworked on today’s realities, and implemented on the basis of our ideals of social justice, universal humanism, anti-fascism, internationalism and class solidarity!
You can always count on us!

No Pasaran! Rote Front! Viva Socialist Revolution!


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