FARC-EP: Solidarity with the people of Chile!

FARC-EP, Solidarity with Chile #1

The people united will never be defeated!

From the insurgent mountains of Colombia, we of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) express our solidarity with the people of Chile who fight for their dignity in the streets and invite the citizens and social movements of the world to reshape their hearts with the sense of justice that exists in the tricolor and the star of a people that today reclaim their rights, after 30 years of neoliberal politics that has impoverished them. 

Let’s not allow Pinochet’s ghost to return to re-victimize Allende’s, Lautaro’s and Neruda’s Chile, with the iron hand of the tyrant Sebastián Piñera.

Let’s demand that the billionaire president put an immediate brake on the massacre and repression of unarmed citizens that has already cost more than 17 dead, hundreds injured and more than 2,000 detainees. Let’s demand that he dialogue with the people and agree on non-demagogic solutions to the serious social crisis.

As the banners on the streets of Santiago say: THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, IT IS A DICTATORSHIP.

Let the thundering voice of the Chilean students resound with the soldiers: “Wake up, don’t let yourself be used by generals who send you to repress and kill the people in the streets, while they drink whiskey in the barracks!”

In Chile, the transnational media are again hiding a tragedy generated by savage capitalism. But of course, they were the main instrument of deceit, presenting an idyllic image of neoliberal Chile that the tyrant President Piñera boasts about so much. In reality there is no such paradise, because only 46 percent of workers earn wages above the poverty line, while 54 percent who are in normal fixed employment fall below that line.

Thus was created the crisis situation that is exploding today in the streets of Santiago and of many other cities of Neruda’s homeland. By “granting” credits after credits that encouraged false belief in the ability to consume, they ensnared the workers and now mercilessly suck their blood to fill the pockets of callous billionaires like the president.

Chile, strike together. When the people go out on the street, governments tremble. History is ours and it is made by the people. 

Keep going Chile,
The people united will never be defeated!
October 22, 2019
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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