Long live the students! Statement of the FARC-EP

September 27, 2019

Let the students live
Garden of our joy
They’re birds that don’t get scared
By animals or police …

Greetings of solidarity and support, of congratulations and admiration, of respect and good wishes to the Colombian student movement in this combative September. At the same time that you raised your voices against the cases of corruption by senior executives of the Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogotá, and a dozen public and private education centers, you also added your voices of support and indignation against the institutional rot that eats Colombia. 

Colombian student protest.

In the capital and other cities, the mobilizations brought together thousands of enthusiastic young people, angry and determined in their demands, who expressed themselves vehemently, also rejecting the murders which the dirty war commits against the social movement and demanding the dismantling of the ESMAD [Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron – riot police], a hand of criminal repression of the State that has overflowed with abuses against any protest.

One could expect nothing less from rebellious young people tired of repeating their criticism, with each day of protest, without any echo in the government, not only of the abandonment of public education but the indolence of the establishment regarding the infinite social needs, now in the time of Uribe’s apprentice, Iván Duque, who feigns peace, recreates war and privatizes the public wealth, and does so without shame, counting on the approval of the media pack committed to criminalizing who dare, unarmed, to face so much injustice with their books and ideas.

For a quality public education, universal, free and transparent, no more corruption, no more police brutality, no more abandonment, dismantle the ESMAD now. Those of the paramilitary political class of chainsaw and the massacres, the Uribe Vélez, the Andrés Felipe Arias, the goons of Agroingreso Seguro and those of Reficar, are vandals and bandits; the shameless former Prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez; the Hidroituango rats, those of the La Línea Tunnel, those of the Chirajara bridge, AIS and Caprecom; those who ransacked Electricaribe, Foncolpuertos and El Guavio; those of the hiring cartel in Bogotá; those who displace peasants to build megaprojects and increase their estates; Tom and Herry and other blunders that profit from the crooked Free Zones; those of the hemophilia and AIDS cartels; those who skim off hiring of all kinds; those of the toga cartel [corruption by members of the Supreme Court] and those who arrive at the Congress of the Republic buying votes; those who gain military promotions by counting liters of innocent blood, and then stop counting…

What happened to the demonstration of will against the continued theft of the State by the 11,671,420 citizens who voted in favor of the Anti-Corruption Consultation in 2018?

What happened to the government and parliament’s commitment to move forward with the seven points contained in the consultation?

What happened to the dismantling of paramilitarism?

What happened to the promised compliance with the Peace Accords?

Demagogues accustomed to making false positives inside and outside the country, like the new Sub-President has just done before the United Nations General Assembly, carrying his photographic false positive (context photos, according to him) against Venezuela, are not ashamed because they know that their Yankee master who supports them is worse in its cynicism and evil.

More than 20,000 students in the streets should tell something to the lords who believe themselves owners of the country, trying to keep us plunged in misery, inequality, political exclusion and war for ever and ever.

Don’t forget that there is no evil that lasts a hundred years against the body that resists. Therefore:

I like students
Let them roar like the winds
When they get in your ear
Preachers and regiments.

The struggle continues. We vow to win and we will win!

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP)

Distributed by Insurgent Communication Network


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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