FARC-EP issues call to organize broad Bolivarian movement

Letter of Invitation for the Bolivarian Movement for a New Colombia

August 2019, bicentennial year of the Battle of Boyacá

‘The people cannot remain dispersed’

1. The Bolivarian Movement for a New Colombia brings together patriots who yearn for the objectives of liberation for which Simón Bolivar fought. Those who wish to contribute their grain of sand to reconstruction and national reconciliation are included and welcomed. 

2. It sets out its ideology in the Bolivarian Manifesto and in the Platform for a Government of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction which are now qualified and updated with the programmatic documents of the Bolivarian Campaign for a New Colombia and with the initiatives related to the promotion of a Open Constituent Process seeking to overcome the capitalist order, as taught by the historic struggles of our peoples.

We fully understand the transformative power of the current historical moment. We are aware that conditions have developed that put before us two paths: Either we assist in the recomposition of the prevailing regime in response to the crisis maturing at all levels, which will consolidate the current class power and deepen its neoliberal policies even more; or we take the path of a constituent process capable of producing the social force for truly transformative change. That’s the challenge we face today.

3. It is a broad Movement, without statutes, regulations, or discrimination with the exception of those who are declared enemies of the people. It has no office and its headquarters is anywhere in Colombia where there is dissent. Its base is made up of millions of compatriots that are linked by clandestine nuclei, in many and varied forms such as circles, meetings, workshops, malocas [Indigenous long house], families, unions, combos, fraternities and sororities, lanzas, groups, clubs, associations, councils, galladas, parches, bars, work tables, mingas, brotherhoods, committees and all the forms that their members may have to adopt and which, in their opinion, guarantee them secrecy of affiliation and compartmentalization. 

4. Bolivarians of heart and conviction fight and express themselves in many and varied ways for the cause of the people.

5. The FARC-EP invests all its capacity to promote and organize the Bolivarian Movement, and appoints a member of its National Directorate to be part of its leadership with a Bolivarian Patriotic Council.

6. This Council will be made up of one hundred people outstanding for their activity for the good of the country and their moral righteousness, recommended by the people through the Bolivarian nuclei, who obtain the hundred highest votes and after being consulted in secret, accept this responsibility. In principle, this Council will include 20 comrades in charge of restructuring and cohesion of the existing nuclei in this first stage of relaunch.

7. Each Bolivarian nucleus proposes ten compatriots for this purpose. After gathering all the names, the election of those who will be part of the Bolivarian Patriotic Council will be held.

Insurgent Colombia, August 2019. Bicentenary Year of the Battle of Boyacá.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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