FARC-EP calls for solidarity to resist social media censorship

Guerrilla Communication, Part One

September 4, 2019

The National Communications Commission of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) informs our militants, all our structures, the Colombian people in general and the international community:

1. That at the extraordinary meeting of commanders, the implementation of the Insurgent Communication Network and guerrilla communications, with their respective structure and plan, were discussed and ordered, and that within the framework of these orientations the National Communications Commission of the FARC-EP was established. 

2. That on the night of August 28 and the early morning of August 29, we proceeded to publish on our YouTube channel, on the official website http://www.farc-ep.info and on the respective social networks the video of the Manifesto “While there is a will to fight there is hope of winning,” in which we proclaim to the world the continuation of the guerrilla struggle protected by the universal right of the peoples of the world to armed uprising against oppression, and as a consequence of the Colombian state’s betrayal of the Havana Peace Agreement.

3. That in a few hours this video received more than a million views. Using our social networks we managed in a short time to massively disseminate the video and the text of the manifesto.

4. That at 01:00 hours on August 29 the following social media accounts were blocked: Twitter: @farc-ep6, Facebook: second marquetalia and Instagram: second marquetalia.

5. That on the morning of Friday, August 30, the video of the Manifesto was deleted by YouTube, justifying the fact with a copyright claim made by Mr. Daniel Andres Garzon Herazo. The removal of this video by YouTube forced us to publish links from other users who reposted the video on the official website http://www.farc-ep.info to continue the dissemination.

6. That on Monday morning, September 2, employees of the Insurgent Communication Network received notification from the server, on which the website http://www.farc-ep.info was hosted, that for security reasons and for risk of being prosecuted, the hosting service and domain of the page were suspended.

7. From August 29 until today, several documents have been published, including: Political Declaration, Greetings from the Extraordinary Meeting of Commanders, Declaration of Rupture with the JEP, and Calls and Greetings to the ETCRs (Territorial Spaces of Training and Reincorporation) and to the regions, Call for the Bolivarian Movement for a New Colombia.

8. The National Communications Commission of the FARC-EP thanks all the militants and friends for the great effort that led to this first political victory of our movement. We kept the secret and surprise which guaranteed that the communication impact of the manifesto was enormous. The news was reported by all Colombian media and countless international media. Many organizations and individuals helped us spread and share the Manifesto.

9. Various popular organizations, political parties, social leaders, media, personalities and others welcomed the resurgence of the FARC-EP, expressing their solidarity with what they called a dignified and sovereign decision.

10. We denounce the sabotage and media blockade against our website and social networks. The Colombian establishment and imperialism will try to block those of us who rise in resistance or who think differently or critically express themselves. To the Colombian oligarchy, to the ruling classes of the world, to imperialism, and to their informants, we tell them that they will not achieve a communication blockade. They won’t be able to silence our voice!

11. To all our friends, to our militants and to all forces of internationalist solidarity, we send our words of encouragement and our call to redouble, in the framework of robust security measures and the principles of guerrilla communication, the actions that allow us to disseminate our views. We inform you that we will be using Twitter accounts. Currently we are using @FarcEp7; in case this account is blocked we will use similar accounts. Official documents will be published on the @FARCEP_OFICIAL account on the Mastodon social network, until we are able to reactivate our website.

National Communications Commission of the FARC-EP

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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