Colombia: Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit calls for national mobilization against government non-compliance

In the face of non-compliance with the agreements, prepare a national mobilization

Communiqué of the National Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit

We inform the Colombian people that on August 30 and 31, in Bogotá, the Political Commission of the Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit met with the participation of the fifteen caucuses that comprise it.

We reaffirm our firm conviction, willingness and political will to continue working for the unity of the popular social movement, within the framework of the mandates of the Popular Legislative Assembly of the Peoples, carried out last October, and of the National Meeting of Social and Political Organizations, held in February of this year.

These democratic processes had a wide and diverse participation of the popular social movement and yielded guidelines and proposals to advance Programmatic Unity based on the collective construction of a Platform of Struggle that is the synthesis of the political, economic, social, environmental and cultural flags that the Colombian people have historically raised through their struggles.

From that perspective, we call on the different popular organizations, processes and social platforms to hold a National Meeting in which we share our perspectives and platforms on the agreements breached by the State, and we have a unitary resolve to prepare a great national mobilization for the coming year, to demand compliance and make a qualitative leap towards unity and the political struggle for structural changes.

We cannot fall into the trap of pacifism as the ideal of peace, with which they intend to lead us to the fallacy that first comes the silencing of weapons and then come the changes, or into the trap of the supposed “social dialogue” that Duque’s government poses in order to co-opt, neutralize and immobilize us. The Agrarian Summit, in particular, is awaiting the fulfillment of the Santander de Quilichao agreements of 2016, which the governments of Santos and Duque have sabotaged by wearing down the National Single Bureau, a negotiation space conquered by the agrarian movement in Minga and the agricultural strikes of 2013 and 2014. A similar situation exists with agreements with the student movement, teachers, state workers, popular consultations against mining, the towns and communities of Buenaventura, Chocó, Arauca, Casanare, southern Bolivar, central and southern Cesar, Catatumbo, Cauca and Nariño, among others.

Angry and hypocritical voices of the dominant power rose to put in the public pillory some rebels who, in the face of government non-compliance with the Havana agreements, decided to continue the armed struggle; those voices ignore, on purpose, the worsening of the war of the Colombian oligarchy and international capitalism against the Colombian people, which has meant the resurgence of repression of popular protest, a further deterioration of the people’s living conditions through neoliberal economic reforms, the deepening of an agro-industrial and extractivist model subordinated to finance capital that devastates the territories and communities and the peoples that inhabit them, threats and prosecutions of popular fighters, and the thousands of murders of ex-combatants, human rights defenders, community and social leaders, who swell the historical toll of impunity and barbarism.

History has taught the people that the Colombian oligarchy is an expert in treachery. We face a genocidal and fascist state that is not interested in peace, because violence is one of its main forms of accumulation of wealth and ideological and political domination. Peace for the Colombian people is synonymous with transformations, which will only be possible when the people have the power.

We salute Defendamos La Paz and invite you to include in your agenda the following: the political solution to the Colombian conflict with the broad and decisive participation of society, especially the popular sectors; and mobilization for the fulfillment of all the agreements: the Havana Agreements, the Negotiating Agenda between the ELN and the Colombian State, and thousands of agreements with the popular social movement.

To our grassroots members, organizations, caucuses and platforms, we call on you to prepare for the National Assembly of the Agrarian Summit to be held in the first week of February 2020, in which we intend to regroup to strengthen the unity and struggles of the Colombian people. Our Demands: Mandates for Good Living, for Territorial Structural Agrarian Reform, Sovereignty, Democracy and Peace with Social Justice, will be a central theme in the Assembly, and it is our contribution to a National Platform for the Struggle of the Colombian People. We aspire to enrich it with the input of the sectors and regions so that it is an instrument to guide our common struggle; we summon them to that task now. Strengthening our reflections and analysis will also be conducted at the regional level, organizationally, ideologically and politically: the slogan proposed by the Political Commission is, “Let’s make the Agrarian Summit a training school.”

Finally, we reiterate our call to the Colombian people to understand that in the face of the war of capitalism against the people, the way forward is unity and the struggle on the streets and roads of our country. The right to rebel assists us, it is time to group together and defend each other to advance in the construction of popular power and defeat the oppressive regime.

We sow hope, we harvest a country!

Political Commission
Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit 


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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