Donetsk: Exposing evils of the capitalist system is not a crime!

From Red Carnation antifascists of Donetsk:

We express solidarity with all those who are not afraid to reveal the truth to the people. 

Photos: Red Carnation
On April 11, 2019, British police arrested Julian Assange, who spent seven years at the embassy of Ecuador, ​​until its new president, Lenin Moreno, turned him over to the authorities.

Assange during this time has done a lot in the fight for the truth. He, as the founder of the well-known site WikiLeaks, spread information about war crimes, corruption, and many other things implicating the highest echelons of “democracy.” Now the U.S. Department of Justice is indicting Assange on 17 counts. We support Julian in his struggle for truth and freedom of information.

Freedom for Julian Assange! 

We support Chelsea Manning, who transferred a large amount of classified documents to WikiLeaks. On August 21, 2013, the United States Military Tribunal sentenced Manning to 35 years in prison. However, in 2017, she was released. In March 2019, Chelsea refused to testify in the WikiLeaks case, so she was detained for two months. Now she is imprisoned again.

Freedom for Chelsea Manning! 

Just a week ago, video blogger Evgeny Bazhenov (BadComedian) announced that he is being sued by Kinodanz film company. The company sued Bad for copyright infringement and demanded that videos reviewing their films be blocked, as well as compensation in the amount of one million rubles.

Kinodanz complains that Bazhenov is damaging its reputation with his reviews. But what reputation can a film company whose movies fail miserably at the box office speak of? Despite this, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation continues to sponsor them, that is, to waste taxpayers’ money.

We support Evgeny in his fight for the right to rightly criticize the brazen film company.

Hands off BadComedian! 

#free_political_prisoners #free_chelsea_manning #free_assange #justice_for_bad #savebadcomedian #badcomedian 


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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