Moldova: Grigorchuk urges Parliament to unite with political prisoners against oligarch regime

Posted by Alexander Roshko on June 11, 2019:


Using his right to a 20-minute telephone conversation once a week, Pavel Grigorchuk managed to get in touch and pass on the following information: 

Pavel Grigorchuk
“While I was sitting with [Gheorghe] Petik, we agreed to create an association of political prisoners — victims of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). We welcome the creation of a new parliamentary majority, we support all the decisions of Parliament on de-oligarchization and the liberation of the country from the Plahotniuc regime.

“We hope that the new Minister of Justice, Stanislav Pavlovsky, will visit Detention Center PU-13 after receiving real authority in order to stop all human rights violations that are taking place here.

“I also note that recently there have been reports that [Vlad] Filat and [Vyacheslav] Plato’s health has deteriorated. They can be treated differently, but they are the main witnesses of the biggest crime of the Plahotniuc regime.

“Therefore, I ask all human rights organizations and Minister of Justice Pavlovsky first of all to address the issue of violation of human rights in PU-13, as well as to ensure the safety of the above-mentioned persons who can testify before the newly established parliamentary commission to investigate the theft of a billion.

“There are reports that evidence [in that case] was destroyed, and they can also destroy these witnesses.

“I invite everyone to come on June 12, at 11:30, to the next court session in my case at the Buyukani city court at 200 Stefan cel Mare. At the court, everyone will be convinced of the captured state of the judicial system.

“I invite everyone who believes that Sergey Sirbu is a traitor, who is against corruption, who is against the oligarchic regime and who is for a free Moldova.

“I urge the MPs of the Socialist Party (PSRM) and AKUM bloc to come to the court and act as my guarantors.

“My so-called crime is a slap in the face of the regime, and their last decision in Parliament was a left and right hook by the PSRM and AKUM to the oligarchic regime.

“I urge them to come to court so that we together — both deputies and political prisoners – can continue in a figurative sense to finish off the accomplices of the oligarchic regime.

“Moldova will be free!

“As long as we are united, we are invincible!”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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