Moldova: New repression against political prisoner Pavel Grigorchuk

By Alexander Roshko


Pavel Grigorchuk, by the personal decision of the head of Detention Center PU-13 in Chisinau, Moldova, was deprived of the right to transfers, parcels and packages.

He managed to get in touch, using his right to a phone call once a week, to convey the following:

“Today, June 4, the head of the PU-13, Igor Pyntya, imposed a disciplinary action on me and banned transfers, parcels and packages, saying that I did not obey the police at the trial and talked to the media.

“I believe that this is the agony of the PDM [Democratic Party of Moldova] (including S. Syrbu), which, losing control, is trying to worsen the conditions of my detention, but I don’t give up, I continue to fight and urge lawyers to appeal the decision of the SIZO [pre-trial] administration in court.

“I also appeal to members of parliament and I urge them to visit PU-13 in order to verify that the administration violates the human rights of all political prisoners — Pavel Grigorchuk, Gheorghe Petik, Sergey Kosovan, Valery Kuku and others.

“If they consider themselves opponents of the PDM, let them come to the SIZO and be convinced of the violation of human rights.

“P.S. Today they came and measured the window with a tape measure. I suppose that is in order to cover it with a small grate so that sympathetic prisoners cannot give me food.”

The regime continues to mock the undesirable and dissenters, this regime must fall!



Translated by Greg Butterfield

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