Aurora Women’s Club: Abortion should be legal, safe and free!

#KeepAbortionLegal #AbortoLegalYa

Photos: Aurora
The right to abortion is a matter of women’s emancipation, a class question. Activists who advocate a ban of abortion falsely call themselves fighters for life – “pro-lifers.” In fact, they condemn women to disease, death, and a miserable existence, especially workers, those who face discrimination and oppression. As before, conservatives call women who have abortions immoral, crying about “those killed in the womb of the mother,” talking about spiritual realms.
We need the full breadth of reproductive rights. And we are fighting for a society where a woman is entitled to decide whether to be a mother or not. Where quality medicine is available to every person. Where raising children is the business of the whole society, not just the mother. Where we will not have to count the pennies from our paychecks, be afraid of layoffs and crises, and finally we will live and create the future.

Women’s struggle for reproductive rights, including the right to abortion, is an important part of our common struggle for a better world. 

We are united with those who defend these rights — in Argentina, the United States, Ireland, Poland and any other country in the world.

Aurora Women’s Club and friends
Donetsk, DPR

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