Free Jesús Santrich Committee: Urgent Appeal to the International Community

Urgent Appeal to the International Community

The Free Santrich Committee of Venezuela appeals to the international community of nations, governments, political parties, social organizations, and all conscious people, regardless of the imposed media, to join us in the deepest rejection of the situation to which comrade JESUS ​​SANTRICH (Seuxis Pausis Hernández Solarte) has been led, and who has become a symbol of the highest qualities of a true revolutionary, which is what he really is.

We strongly reject the levels of abuse, of contempt for humanity, of the absence of the slightest solidarity, in their intention to wreck the peace process and thus be able to circumvent the obligations incurred in the Havana agreement. Today Santrich is the symbol of the suffering people of Colombia, the hostages of the elites, and for this they have not been spared tortures and injustices.

It is the same old caste, wounding the hope of the people and believing that this will demobilize us, frighten us, and make us “correct” our path. A grave mistake.

Yesterday, the whole world, live and direct, in real time, as today’s technology allows, had the opportunity to see how the neck of justice is twisted, when its operators are like the government of Colombia, subservient to the master of the North and the murderers of the people.

After a year and two months in prison for a crime he did not commit, the Colombian establishment in its atavistic cynicism, lies and fraud, having appealed to the proverbial Santanderismo of “who makes the law, makes the trap,” pretending to be a state of laws, with the sole purpose of undoing what little remained of the Havana agreement, resorted to brute force against Santrich, putting his life at serious risk and violating all his rights.

It wasn’t enough to delay the determination of the JEP (Special Justice of the Peace), which by law requested proof of the crime and in the absence of it, determined his freedom; it wasn’t enough to manipulate the procedures of the operatives and Courts of Justice in Colombia, to violate the proceedings as President Duque did, objecting to the unobjectionable because he had already observed the respective formalities; they used tricks to delay, to leave him in prison in order to fabricate a criminal case, which would not only made it impossible for him to be freed, but also to charge him with new crimes, tailored for the situation: Santrich is arrested within a few minutes of being formally released. A second arrest cooked up in the kitchens of the empire, to which the Colombian government has surrendered.

We, sons and daughters of Bolívar, Marulanda, Leonardo Chirinos, Hugo Chávez Frías, of so many who gave their lives for the freedom of Our America, declare:

1 – Not a step back in the face of this latest onslaught of the capitalist system in its mad eagerness to leave no traces of rebellion, nor possibilities for life on the planet.

2 – No to the unbridled accumulation that torments millions and enriches very few.

3 – They will not overthrow our project for Peace with Social Justice.

4 – They will not enter Venezuela. We will defend the Bolivarian Revolution as a beacon of light for the continent and the world and its legitimate government headed by NICOLÁS MADURO MOROS.

5 – We will not keep silent about our dead for a single moment. Rather, a lifetime of struggle and denunciation.

6 – We will not be complicit in the abuse against the symbolic values ​​of humanity, nor will we let them be disregarded with impunity.

7 – We hold the Colombian government responsible for any injury to the health and life of Jesús Santrich. We will continue relentlessly demanding the freedom of our political prisoners, in whatever latitude they may be; we will defend the rights of women and girls to a life without violence; we will go together with the struggle of those who are discriminated against for their sexual preferences.

We will not accept, under any condition, a life alien to the principles of socialist solidarity.

Viva Bolívar. Viva Manuel Marulanda. Viva Chávez. Viva Jesús Santrich.



Please send signatures and attachments to email:

Organizations / Parties / Movements: 

Fundación Paquito Arriaran

Coordinadora Simón Bolívar (CSB)

Radio Al Son del 23

Teatro Alameda

Juventud Rebelde Venezuela (JR Venezuela)

Movimiento Continental Bolivariano – Capitulo Venezuela (MCB)

Brigadas Internacionales de Comunicación Solidaria – Capítulo Paraguay

Partido Comunista de Chile en Venezuela

Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV)

Partido Nación andaluza, Andalucía

Juventud Comunista de Venezuela (JCV)

Comité de Solidaridad Internacional (COSI)

Movimiento de Mujeres Clara Zetkin

Agora Galiza – Unidade Popular

Venceremos Partido de Trabajadorxs (Argentina)

Colectivo Chavismo Sur Argentina

Centro de Investigación de Estudios y Frontera (CIEF)

Base Lesbica (Venezuela)

Plataforma de Mujeres Lesbianas Revolucionarias de Venezuela

Iniciativa Comunista (Estado español)

Comité Ecuatoriano de Solidaridad entre los Pueblos

Herritar Batasuna (Pais Vasco)


Graciela Rosenblum (Presidenta – Presidenta Liga Argentina por los Derechos Humanos)

José Schulman (Argentina – Secretario Nacional de la Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre)

Carlos Morais (Galicia – Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular)

Giulio Santosuosso (Venezuela – Escritor, articulista)

Pablo Sepúlveda Allende (Venezuela – Coordinador del Capítulo Venezuela de la Red de Intelectuales, Artistas y Movimientos Sociales en Defensa de la Humanidad)

Carlos Casanueva Troncoso (Chile – Movimiento Continental Bolivariano)

Carlos Aznárez (Argentina – Periodista)

José Negron Valera (Venezuela – Escritor y articulista)

José Ariza (Ecuador – Coordinador Nacional Comité Ecuatoriano de Solidaridad entre los Pueblos)

Chris Gilbert – (Venezuela – Profesor, Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela)

Cira Pascual Marquina (Venezuela – Profesora, Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela)

Hilda Astudillo (Ecuador – Movimiento Ecuatoriano Alfarista Bolivariano MEAB)

Narciso Isa Conde (República Dominicana – Movimiento Continental Bolivariano)

Néstor Kohan (Argentina – Filósofo, intelectual y militante marxist)

Mark Burton (Estados Unidos – Abogado de Simón Trinidad)

Virginia King Martínez (Argentina – Colectivo Chavismo Sur Argentina)

Juan Contreras (Venezuela Ex-Diputado a la Asamblea Nacional)

Gilberto López y Rivas (México – Partido de la Revolución Democrática)

Anibal Espejo (Venezuela – Comunas PSUV)


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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