In memory of Comrade Andrey Karelin (1968-2019)

With deep sorrow, the Central Committee of the United Communist Party (OKP) reports the untimely death of a remarkable man, a communist, a member of the Central Committee of our party, Andrey Feliksovich Karelin.

Photo: OKP

It is difficult to write about Andrey Karelin in the past tense. Yesterday he was beside us, walking in our ranks. A graduate of the Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute, an experimental physicist by specialty, Andrey was endowed by nature with many talents. A brilliant mathematical mind, honed in one of the best universities in the country. Great knowledge. Clear, logical thinking. And the burning heart of a communist.

His youth came during the bitter years of the destruction of the Soviet Union. A young, talented scientist, he could not stand aside, taking refuge in the laboratory from what was happening to his homeland and people. Immediately after the tragic events of August 1991, when the Yeltsin regime tried to ban the Communist Party, Andrey Karelin joined the communist movement, took an active part in gathering those who remained loyal to the ideals of communism, and organized resistance to the reactionary forces that had seized power in the country. He joined the “Labor Russia” movement in early 1992, and when the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP) was created, became one of the organizers of the party branch in the Oktyabrsky district of Moscow. After the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), Andrey joined it, along with many other communists in the capital.

The party entrusted to Comrade Karelin various activities. But one of the priorities of his work was to attract young people to the ranks of the Communist Party. He was one of the organizers of the Youth Party Group of the Moscow Communist Party City Committee, on the basis of which a revived Komsomol, the Union of Communist Youth (SCM) of the Russian Federation, subsequently emerged. Andrey became a member of the first SCM Central Committee, and was elected secretary of the Central Committee. The fact that a revival of the young communist movement in Russia took place, and that the communist idea has not stalled, but received a powerful impetus for movement into the future, is in many respects the merit of Comrade Karelin. He was one of the initiators of the annual Anti-Capitalist March of left-wing youth, and the co-founder of the Youth Left Front (MLF).

After the purge committed by Zyuganov’s forces in the Moscow organization of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, most of the city’s party organization left the ranks of the KPRF. Comrade Karelin was among the leaders of this group of communists. This group of real communists became, to a large extent, the nucleus around which the Marxists who founded the United Communist Party rallied. Comrade Andrey was among the active organizers of the creation of the OKP, and he joined the Central Committee of the party.

A.F. Karelin was always an example for us of what a real human and communist should be. He possessed a rare charm. Noisy, passionate, he did not know what indifference and opportunism, lies and meanness were. And he had an amazing talent for making friends. This is well known to those whom Andrey honored with his friendship.

Andrey lived not only as a political activist and party leader. His interests were broad and versatile, his knowledge — truly encyclopedic. Everyone who knew him and was friends with him always knew that Andrey was among the first to extend a helping hand. Andrey had a wonderful family, his beloved wife and two daughters.

In these difficult days, the Central Committee of the OKP addresses A.F. Karelin’s family, relatives and friends with words of support. We understand how great your loss is and we mourn with you.

People like Andrey Karelin do not leave us completely. A part of his bright soul remained in everyone who knew him. We will never forget this wonderful man, this communist. The United Communist Party is alive and struggling — the main purpose of the public activity of Comrade Andrey. And that means that he himself remains forever among us.

Central Committee of the United Communist Party
May 15, 2019


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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