United Communist Party: ‘Russia’s problems remain, and they will worsen’ after election

The problems of the country remain, and they will worsen

March 20: The [Russian presidential] elections have shown that there is no revolutionary situation in the country. Yes, it was a staged farce, a spectacle that the government used brilliantly, but there were also millions of people who quite consciously voted to preserve this power. 

Photo: OKP
The left acted scattered in the elections. This is not surprising, since the left movement itself is scattered. As for [Communist Party of the Russian Federation candidate Pavel] Grudinin’s candidacy, he clearly had no inspiration and he was not eager for a high result. Nothing new was said, there was no breakthrough in ideas, just Zyuganov’s old, broken record.

We, the non-system Communists, are simpler in this regard. We did not think that the elections would bring about any drastic changes in political realities.

Now the government is experiencing a short period of prolonged applause, passing into a hysterical ovation. But the problems of the country remain, and they will worsen.

We can only continue our struggle. Including, by the way, preparing for elections in a single voting day in autumn 2018. Not to nourish the illusion of the possibility of radical changes through elections, but in order to use the elections as a platform for agitation for our ideas.

Patiently and clearly explain to the people that their problems can be solved only through their own struggle.

Vladimir Lakeev, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party (OKP) of Russia


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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