Moldova: Petrenko calls for impeachment after president condemns tolerance, gender equality

Petrenko calls for impeachment: After violating his presidential oath, Dodon has no right to be president!

February 25: This is the opinion of opposition politician and leader of the party Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) Grigory Petrenko, commenting on a recent statement by President Igor Dodon published on social media.

Grigory Petrenko

Below is the full text of Grigory Petrenko’s statement:

When the incumbent Dodon writes that he is against “liberalism,” by and large, it does not hurt me as a citizen. It is not a revelation that Dodon is far from liberal. And he has nothing to do with left-wing ideas and values.

But when the so-called president openly declares that he is against tolerance and gender equality — this is extremely serious, unacceptable and outrageous. This is disrespect of the Constitution, which he undertook to uphold. This is a violation of the oath that he made to the whole country during the inauguration. And in general — this is barbarism and obscurantism.

To oppose tolerance, calling this a “false teaching” that is imposed on us, in the conditions of Moldova means to challenge civil peace in our multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious and multilingual society. After all, to be against tolerance means not accepting all those who are not like you and are somehow different from you.

At a time the level of intolerance in the country is excessive, when different sections of society do not understand and do not accept each other only because someone is a Transnistrian, a Muslim, a Russian-speaker, a unionist, an LGBT person, a pensioner, a disabled person, a migrant, a woman, a Romanian or a Jew, to oppose tolerance is to incite hatred and provoke aggression. This is a real crime! And Dodon consciously commits it.

To speak against gender equality, as the president of a member state of the Council of Europe, is true obscurantism and ignorance. It is a humiliation of human dignity!

In the conditions of Moldova, to oppose gender equality in practice means advocating domestic violence, discrimination against women in all spheres of life, denying civil rights on the basis of gender, etc.

Dodon can be three times a believer and pray to the secret policeman Gundyaev, to his boss Plahotniuc or to the idol of Putin, but after these statements and the violation of the presidential oath he has no right to be in the office of president!



Translated by Greg Butterfield

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