Alexey Albu: Wound inflicted on Ukraine by nationalists will take a long time to heal

February 22: Ukrainian poet and singer of the Maidan movement Evgeniya Bilchenko repented and asked for forgiveness from Odessa and Donbass. Having visited eastern Ukraine as a volunteer, Bilchenko realized that the country is waging a civil and hybrid war against its population, leading to devastation and neo-Nazism. The people of Odessa reacted in different ways to the repentance expressed by one who took an active part in the events of 2014. 

Alexey Albu

Alexey Albu, a former deputy of the Odessa Regional Council, member of the expert council of the Institute for Innovative Development, believes that Bilchenko’s words should be heeded. 
“Bilchenko’s repentance testifies to the ‘awakening’ of Ukrainian society from the drug of nationalism. After four years, many participants in the fascist coup have realized in their hearts that they were wrong. But the problem is that the vast majority of such people cannot admit this publicly. After all, you need to be a really strong person in order to admit your guilt.

“I can speak of forgiveness only for myself. If her words of apology are sincere, if a person truly realizes the horror of what has happened and wants to somehow remedy the situation — then one can only welcome such an inner transformation of that person. But I’m not sure that Odessa citizens who have lost relatives and friends will be able to forgive the punishers who killed people on May 2, 2014. I’m not sure that families of deceased militia will be able to forgive the death of their relatives.

“I’m not sure that children who have lost their parents will forgive their killers. The bullying to which the peaceful inhabitants of Donbass were exposed cannot be forgotten. The wound inflicted on Ukraine by the nationalists will take a very long time to heal. And it is still unknown whether it will be able to heal.”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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