Labor Russia launches campaign ‘to illuminate social & political contributions’ of Victor Anpilov

In memory of Victor Anpilov 

In the popular social network VKontakte, a community was created dedicated to the memory of the honorary chairman of the Labor Russia movement, Victor Anpilov.
“We have decided to dedicate this community,” the coordinators and creators noted in their address to subscribers, “to the bright memory of Victor Anpilov, the outstanding people’s tribune, the founder and leader of the Labor Russia movement, in one of the most dramatic periods in the history of our country — in the years of desperate and in many respects spontaneous resistance of the popular ‘grassroots’ to capitalist restoration in Russia.    
“We were prompted to create this community not only from sincere respect for the memory and politics of the man, thanks to whose undoubted charisma many of us, in fact, came to the communist movement. But seeing the desire of the bourgeois media, in one way or another, to cover the tragic departure of V.I. Anpilov in such a way to demonstrate the ‘dead end’ of ‘communist radicalism’ and the need for ‘constructive’ and bourgeois ‘civilization’ in politics, we intend to show our contemporaries the image of ‘another Anpilov.’ This image is certainly close and understandable to that part of the society which, even in the face of a noticeable decline of the Russian communist movement, still does not accept the ‘end of history,’ but understands it as a temporary stabilization of the ruling regime — indisputably the main creation of the anti-Soviet counterrevolution that was accomplished in the country.       

“Against the backdrop of a tragic disappointment to his ideals and the equality tragic conformity of many, Victor Anpilov set a very different example. An example of a person consistent in his convictions and ideals as a Soviet man — a journalist, a communist idealist, an uncompromising fighter for the ideals of justice and people’s rights — with all his virtues and contradictions. An example perhaps difficult to understand now, outside the context of that most critical era, which prompted our hero to come to the forefront and lead tens and hundreds of thousands of the destitute and outraged.      
“We appeal to all who have preserved any valuable evidence of the activities of V.I. Anpilov with the request to contact the coordinators of this page in order to most fully illuminate the social and political contributions of the longtime leader of Labor Russia to the struggle against capitalist restoration in Russia. To illuminate in a way that does not intentionally embellish anything, but in no way detracts from what was done along this path, guided by the well-known Leninist directive on the analysis of iconic social and political figures and phenomena: ‘The proletariat needs the truth about living political figures and about the dead, for those who really deserve the name of politician do not die for politics when their physical death comes.’”

Comrades of Victor Anpilov on the Executive Committee of Labor Russia 
In Memory of Victor Anpilov on VK:
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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