Victor Anpilov: In memory of the leader

Executive Committee of the All-Russian Public Movement “Labor Russia” — in memory of Victor Ivanovich Anpilov

The executive committee of the all-Russian political movement Labor Russia sadly reports that on January 15, after an extensive stroke, Victor Ivanovich Anpilov, one of the organizers and active participants of the post-Soviet communist movement, the founder and honorary chairman of the “Labor Russia” movement, died.

Victor Anpilov, 1945-2018
The sixth child in the family of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War from the village of White Clay of the Krasnodar Territory, V.I. Anpilov went from a student at the Taganrog Trade School to a sergeant of the Soviet Army’s missile forces, then a student at the prestigious journalism faculty of Moscow State University and employee of the State Television and Radio of the USSR in Latin America.

In the late 1980s he became an active participant in the United Front of Workers, and from 1991, one of the leaders of the Movement of the Communist Initiative, which sharply criticized the course of the then-leadership of the country aimed at restoring capitalism in the USSR. From 1990, he was a deputy of the Moscow Soviet.

In September 1991, he organized weekly “human chains” to protect the VI. Lenin Museum and Mausoleum in Moscow, and on November 7, 1991, was one of the main initiators of the unauthorized demonstration and rally of communist forces on Red Square. From the end of 1991, he was one of the leaders of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party, and at the same time, the organizer and recognized leader of the “Labor Moscow” movement, later transformed into “Labor Russia.”

During the popular uprising of September-October 1993, Victor Anpilov actively advocated for the legitimate Constitution of the country and the Congress of People’s Deputies, for which he was arrested immediately after the defeat of the uprising and imprisoned in Lefortovo. He was released in the amnesty of February 1994.

In subsequent years, he was initiator and leader of a number of political actions aimed at protecting the sovereignty of Russia, the revival of Soviet power and the USSR: against Russian-American exercises at the Totsky training ground, “Moscow” and “for the USSR” campaigns. One of the leaders of the electoral alliances “Communists – Labor Russia – for the Soviet Union!” (Together with the RKRP), “Front of Working People, Army and Youth” (with the Union of Officers and now banned NBP), as well as the “Stalin Bloc for the USSR.”

Until the last beat of his heart, he remained a consistent patriot of the socialist choice of the people, a convinced materialist.

The memory of Comrade Victor Anpilov will always remain with us. Hasta la victoria siempre! Forever — to victory!

Comrades of the Executive Committee of Labor Russia


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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