Lugank residents celebrate the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution

Residents of Lugansk celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution by laying flowers at the monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Several hundred Lugansk residents, as well as politicians and public figures of the city, took part in the commemorative rally.

“One hundred years ago, the revolutionary events in Petrograd changed not only the history of the world, but also the future of many countries and peoples. Few people believed that the Bolsheviks would succeed, but they did. And this is one of the main lessons of October — if you set lofty goals of justice and brotherhood, then victory will be yours. Therefore, the leftist idea is immortal,” said Maxim Chalenko, coordinator of the Forum “Antifascism-Internationalism-Solidarity” (AIS Forum), at the rally.

He also said that November 7 was a special day for him personally.

Lugansk Communist leader Maxim Chalenko

“Twenty years ago, on this very spot, I was accepted into the Komsomol. Some of my older comrades remember this. But even more of those here became a Communist and a Komsomol later. Some of them I have already given membership cards,” Chalenko said.

Lugansk Komsomol leader Anna Brekhova

“Today in all cities and districts of Lugansk, people celebrate the 100th anniversary of the revolution. Some can openly come to the monuments, lay flowers, express their views. Unfortunately, in the part of Lugansk which is controlled by Ukraine, this is not possible. But people understand that it is not so easy to ban leftist ideas, and thus justice will be restored,” said Lugansk City Council Deputy Ekaterina Popova.

The Eternal Flame in Lugansk, capital of the Lugansk People’s Republic.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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