Sketches from Sochi: Aleida Guevara speaks at panel on Che in Africa

A series of reports from Sochi, Russia, by organizers and participants of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. 

October 18, 2017 

Dr. Aleida Guevara of socialist Cuba at XIX World Festival of Youth and Students.

The daughter of the great Che Guevara, Dr. Aleida Guevara, met with participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students.

Aleida Guevara spoke during the World Federation of Democratic Youth discussion program on “Che and Africa.” She shared her childhood memories of the comandante. Che went to the guerrilla war when she was very small, but she never left the feeling that Papa was somewhere near and his fight was just. 

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Komsomol (RKSM) Darya Mitina, representatives of Syria, African countries, and others took part in the discussion. The meeting drew a full hall and ended with an autograph session.

Darya Mitina, Russian Komsomol / United Communist Party

Russian Komsomol (RKSM): 

Update on the festival: 

1. As of 10/17/17, according to the information of the activists of our delegation, the situation as a whole has normalized. First, delegations from India, Bangladesh and Nepal are now accredited.

2. In the second place, information about the return of the airplane of activists from Western Sahara was not correct. Some of them managed to get to the festival. The second group did not because of the absence of visas.

3. The majority of the delegations of foreign leftists are revolutionary forces, standing on Marxist positions. Currently, our activists are establishing bilateral interaction with them, exchanging contacts. Thus, one of the most important goals of the festival is achieved. 

4. Fourth, the left has managed to form its own sites (in an amount significantly larger than 3 or 5 originally allocated), which allow us to actively exchange experiences both with foreign delegations and with apolitical youth, who arrived thanks to the quotas of the [government controlled] regional preparatory committees.

Thus, we can say that, despite a number of serious shortcomings in the preparation and conduct of which we will write in more detail, the activists succeeded not only in defending the nature of the main principles of the festival, but also in seizing the initiative. In a number of moments we were misled, largely because of the lack of necessary information.

In the near future, based on the results of the festival, the governing bodies of the RKSM, the regional organizations of the RKSM, as well as the participants of the RKSM delegation, will make an official statement in which both the positive and negative aspects of the festival will be reflected. We can make full conclusions only after the end of the event.

In the meantime, the members of our delegation are preparing materials for the group from the first hand. The readers of the group will be informed promptly about all the positive and negative processes taking place at the event.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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