Fascism shall not pass! Left forces to rally on Victory Day in Moscow

From the United Communist Party (OKP) of Russia:

On May 9, 2017, on the 72th anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism, at 10.00 on the Krasnopresnenskoy Square (1905 Metro station), a rally of communist and left-wing forces will be held.

Recently, attempts to rehabilitate Nazi accomplices and criminals have become more frequent. So, for example, among the heroic participants of the Battle of Moscow, the name of the general-traitor Vlasov is stamped on the commemorative sign mounted on the Permilov Heights (Yakhrom). In the Rostov region there is a monument to the collaborator of the general of the cossack units of the SS Krasnov. For many years, one of the main symbols of the Victory – Lenin’s Mausoleum – has been nervously draped before every Victory parade.

Organizing for revolutionary Victory Day in Leningrad/St. Petersburg.
Photo: Kirill Vasilev 
The result of such a policy can be seen in Ukraine, where after many years of de-Sovietization and glorification of Nazi war criminals, a fratricidal war was unleashed in Donbass.

The participants in the rally consider unacceptable any attempts to revise the outcome of the Great Patriotic War and Second World War. No to attempts at glorification of the Nazi collaborators and war criminals.

The organizers of the action consistently advocate for prisoners of conscience, persecuted for political reasons, for upholding the legitimate rights of people and citizens.

Fascism shall not pass!
No to fascism, no to capitalism!
Glory to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator!
Victory Banner on the Kremlin!

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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