Peace, Labor, May! Lugansk marks May Day

Lugansk residents took part in a procession through the city center dedicated to the International Day of Workers’ Solidarity.

Together with labor unions, there were also representatives of public organizations and political parties, as well as a delegation of foreign visitors to the Lugansk People’s Republic.

The Communists, for many years the organizers of the May celebration in Lugansk, formed a single contingent.

“We should not forget that May 1 is primarily a day of struggle for workers’ rights. Therefore, we need to talk about the most pressing and complex issues that concern everyone. Salaries, pensions, jobs, public urban problems, prices and tariffs — there are a lot of problems facing our people which need to be solved,” commented the leader of the Lugansk Communists, Maxim Chalenko.

His comrade, Lugansk City Council Deputy Ekaterina Popova, added: “May Day reminds us that the most important thing is solidarity. When thousands of people come together, they realize what tremendous power they have. This power is the starting point of any action by any government, because only the people can give it a grade. If their lives are getting better, the score will be high — if not, then their demands will be relevant.”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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