Three years after Odessa massacre: ‘I firmly believe justice will prevail’

Message from former Odessa Regional Deputy Alexey Albu, a leader of Borotba and survivor of the May 2, 2014, Odessa massacre, to solidarity gatherings marking the third anniversary of the tragedy.
Dear comrades, friends!

Three years ago, the whole civilized world shuddered in horror at the terrible events in Odessa. On that day a crowd of brutal neo-Nazis killed many peaceful Odessa citizens who did not agree with the position of the new Ukrainian authorities. Officially, it is claimed that 42 people died at the House of Trade Unions from fire and smoke, as well as from falling. However, this is not true. People in the House of Trade Unions also perished from the bullets, knives and batons of punishers. Many people were killed on the ground after they jumped out of the burning building. We also have great doubts about the actual death toll.

Alexey Albu attempting to aid survivors of the Odessa Massacre on May 2, 2014 …
After the massacre, many questions arose. But we found the answers to many of them. We know who took the neo-Nazis to Odessa. We know who gave the command to send an angry mob from the city center to another part of Odessa — Kulikovo Field. We know who shot with firearms, who finished off people jumping out of windows.
… and seriously injured afterward.
If the thread of this crime is untangled, then it leads to very high offices. This fact is the reason for the impunity of the organizers and executors of this massacre.

I firmly believe that justice will prevail. I firmly believe that the murderers will get the punishment they deserve. And I am grateful to all those caring people who refuse to let this tragedy be forgotten, who continue to struggle with all available means.

Comrades! On behalf of all anti-fascists in Odessa, I want to express my gratitude to you for your stance. Your solidarity gives us hope and strength. We will continue to fight against fascism until the end. To Victory!

Alexey Albu

Translated by Greg Butterfield

Alexey Albu’s message heard by hundreds at May Day rally in New York City.

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