Over 90 groups to hold united Victory Day march in Moldova

The liberation of the motherland begins with the newly-raised Victory Banner

More than 90 public organizations will take part in the mass march on Victory Day, May 9, 2017, which will be held in Chisinau, Moldova, in honor of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism. [Moldova was a member republic of the Soviet Union before the counter-revolution of the early 1990s. – Translator]

On March 27, a meeting of the Public Council “For the Motherland” was held in Chisinau to prepare the celebrations for Victory Day. About 90 public organizations took part in the meeting, and the record number of participants was noticeable due to the fact that a large conference hall was completely filled with representatives of civil society.
The Party of Communists, Our Party, Patria, Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc), and Patriots of Moldova also joined the discussion of the Public Council about the plan for events dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Victory. It is noteworthy that the tradition of honoring the exploits of the Soviet soldier unites all Moldovan society from both banks of the Dniester, and a representative of the Transnistrian Communist Party also participated in the discussion. In the opinion of the chairman of the council, Igor Tulyantsev, the initiative to hold the Victory March without party flags consolidated a large part of Moldovan society.
Within the framework of the meeting, in the context of the captured state [by the capitalist oligarchy dominated by Vlad Plahotniuc], it was decided to rename the Council “For the Motherland” to Council “For a Free Motherland.” 
Presenting this proposal, the leader of the Public Council said: “We still have the opportunity, there is still a chance and, if you like, it is our historic mission — to raise the Banner of Victory. And it depends on us alone — whether we will have a motherland tomorrow, what it will be, and whether it will be free? I stand for a free motherland! While we live in conditions of the captured state, we must explain to the people what kind homeland of we want. And we stand for a Free Motherland!” concluded Igor Tulyantsev.
During the meeting of the Public Council “For a Free Motherland,” a general plan of events was presented for the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory, which includes weekly creative evenings in Afghan Park, the traditional motor rally “Candle of Memory — 1418 Days and Nights of War,” charitable actions to help veterans, culminating in a united Victory March to the “Eternity” War Memorial with a large St. George’s ribbon and Victory Banner on May 9.
It was also decided that the application for a united “Victory March” should be submitted by the Council of Veterans of the Republic of Moldova, rather than by political parties.
In turn, former president of Moldova and chair of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, who attended the event, expressed support for the initiative of the Public Council “For a Free Motherland” to unite around the celebration of Victory Day, regardless of party ambitions: “I consider it unacceptable to politicize this bright national holiday. We support the proposal, which implies access to the War Memorial without party flags. On this day the Victory Banner is enough,” said Voronin, noting in his speech that there was not a single member of the Socialist Party [of current President Igor Dodon] in the hall, despite the fact that they, like everyone else, were invited, and even agreed to participate. “The Socialists will still show us their true face,” concluded Voronin.
Dmitry Chubashenko, vice-chair of Our Party, also spoke in support of the initiative. “The Victory Banner cannot be dragged into party rivalries. We have to celebrate the 9th of May together, marching in a single column to the memorial without party flags. ‘Our Party’ supports the initiative of the Public Council and will join the united column of the Victory March,” the politician said.
Anyone can take part in organizing events dedicated to the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory by contacting rodina-md@mail.ru.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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