On monarchist propaganda in modern Russia

Statement by the Central Committee of the United Communist Party (OKP)

One hundred years ago, in February (March – new style) 1917, the history of the Russian Empire ended. The fall of the monarchy was not the result of someone’s undercover intrigue, activities of foreign intelligence services or conspiratorial secret societies. Autocracy in Russia rotted at all levels, and became a brake on the further development of society. The majority of the Russian people made a decisive choice in favor of a republican form of government. Our ancestors refused the “bragging rights” to be someone’s subjects and became known by the proud word “citizens.”

The establishment of the republic, which does not lose its value and grandeur, was the main accomplishment of the February Revolution, whose main creator was the alliance between the working class and the masses of soldiers. Imaginary “patriots” who cast doubt on the outcome of the February Revolution, are, in essence, enemies of Russia, supporters of its economic and political regression.

Today the restoration of capitalism and the accompanying regression and degradation of Russia have reached a point at which not only the Soviet power, but even the bourgeois republic is becoming incompatible with the preservation and strengthening of the power of the ruling class.

In recent years we have seen frantic attempts by modern monarchists to not simply shape public sympathy for the last Russian tsar and his family, but also to create an attractive image of monarchy as such and, in particular, of the Romanov dynasty. We are confident that these gentlemen intended to put a new autocrat on the neck of the Russian people.

Until recently, this perspective was perceived as clownish. But today, the threat of a return of absolute monarchy already seems real. Given the nature of the current political and economic regime, it cannot be excluded that among those in power are already found those willing to enter a newfound “aristocracy” to become landlords, obtain inheritable titles and class privileges, and put over a “new-found Russian tsar, God’s anointed” – to guarantee the impossibility of changing the situation by legal means.

We warn: for those who intend to take this path among officials, the big bourgeoisie, and the church hierarchy, the game will end badly. Attempts to impose monarchy will generate fierce civil strife and successive Communists are ready to assume responsibility for organizing the struggle by the forces of progress for preservation of the republic.

The choice between the power of the people and the power of the tsar was made by our ancestors, and if necessary, we are ready to confirm this choice. By any means necessary.

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the OKP V.I. Lakeev

Adopted at the joint plenum of the Central Committee and the Central Auditing Commission of the OKP, Moscow, March 18, 2017.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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