Greetings from Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) to Workers World Party conference

Dear comrades!
First, on my own behalf and on behalf of the party “Our Home is Moldova” (Red Bloc), I warmly congratulate you on the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. It is symbolic that you hold your National Conference during those days in which, 99 years ago, history was changed, the world was changed. To be a real opposition force in the face of savage capitalism is a hard burden, but I am confident that Workers World Party will overcome all hardships and troubles in its path.
Greeting from Moldovan Red Bloc read by Elizabeth Nikazmerad.
Photo: Greg Butterfield
The international left movement is going through a difficult period. In many countries of the world, champions of leftist ideas and values ​​are persecuted and repressed by the authorities, who deal with dissent by fabricating criminal cases, by censorship, by pressure on the media, by violating fundamental human rights — the right to live, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience.
In this challenging time, it is important to be unified, cohesive, to stand shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against world imperialism, in the struggle for human rights, peace, freedom, equality and brotherhood among all peoples of the world, all working people.
We express our gratitude for your support for us in our difficult struggle, and we express our sincere solidarity with you and all people in the U.S. who fight against the neoliberal machine, in the struggle for a decent life, for justice, freedom and genuine democracy.
We sincerely hope you strengthen and expand the ranks of your party to achieve the tasks before you.
With comradely greetings,
Grigory Petrenko
Chairman of the party “Our Home is Moldova” (Red Bloc)

Note: Grigory Petrenko is one of seven Red Bloc members known as the Petrenko Group, who were unjustly imprisoned for several months in 2015 and early 2016 for leading anti-oligarchy protests. The Petrenko Group are still subject to repressive conditions imposed by the court, and face many years in prison at trial.

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