Greetings from InterUnit (Ghost Brigade) to Workers World Party conference

Dear comrades of Workers World Party,
We are InterUnit, the internationalist and anti-fascist group of the Prizrak (Ghost) Brigade. We fight for the independence of Donbass and against the fascist government of Ukraine.
As we write this message, we don’t know who will win the presidential elections in the USA, but we are sure that it is not the central problem of American society or of the world. In the USA there is a system of fake democracy designed to keep out alternative political forces. Two parties are playing a ridiculous game of self-declared rotation, but nothing will change either for domestic or foreign policies.
This is seen clearly by looking at several issues.
One of the most evident cases is the total failure of President Obama’s policy of integration: an incredible racist war all around the USA has driven the country back to the worst pages of its history.
But it is also very hard to find big differences between the policies of each presidential candidate on the welfare system. The working class is always under attack.
On foreign policy, the two candidates have different strategies, but the target will be the same: going on with the imperialist system.
The main tool that imperialism uses is war. War can be economic, cultural, political or a traditional military one. Here we are fighting a war against imperialistic aggression. The USA and European Union made a coup d’état in Ukraine to install a puppet government. To do this, they used Nazi groups. But they didn’t expect the reaction of the people of this land, who made an uprising to kick out the Nazis and their friends. For two years, the people have defended the Popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.
Western countries deny they are making this war and say that it is Russian aggression.
You must not forget this war, because it is against the fascists and inside Europe. All of us know very well what it would mean to have the fascists in power again, what the consequences would be.
By the way, you should not think that this war is Russian aggression. There are no Russian troops or vehicles here; in that case, the war would have been over a long time ago, like in Crimea. Here there are only workers who take up weapons and defend their people, land and culture.
We want social justice, rights for all, an end to discrimination.
We want a society free from exploitation of human beings and the environment.
We want people to truly and freely participate in public decisions, having the full right to decide their own future.
We want the right of self-determination and the end of imperialist interference.
We want the end of all wars.
That is what we are fighting for.
We know very well that all the struggles in every part of the world are only different fronts of the same war, the one that will drive us toward freedom and peace for all people.

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