Moldova: People’s attorney Ana Ursachi under attack from prosecutor’s office, media loyal to oligarch

Chisinau, October 19: With respect to attorney Ana Ursachi, who has served up tough criticism of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, prosecutors in his service have opened a criminal case on charges of complicity in murder.

Petrenko Group activists stand
in solidarity with Ana Ursachi.

This information was widely broadcast by Plahotniuc-controlled media, and its sources are anti-corruption prosecutor Viorel Morar and prosecutor for cases of high importance Nicolae Chitoroagă. Both prosecutors are known for their personal loyalty Plahotniuc.

Prosecutors intend to interrogate Ursachi in a 1997 murder case, closed back in 2001, which involved the lawyer’s ex-husband.

At this time, Morar and Chitoroagă claim that the case was closed illegally, and that “new details have emerged.”

A few days earlier, media controlled by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc spread slanderous material against Ana Ursachi, including testimony of certain witnesses claiming Ursachi was involved in murder. According to these accounts, the then-19-year-old Ursachi not only killed people, but also told neighbors the details of the crimes committed, and organized the whole criminal group.

Ana Ursachi is known for her sharply critical stance toward the Plahotniuc regime and the obstruction of the law committed by courts and police agencies in the oligarch’s interests.

Translator’s note: Ana Ursachi represents the Petrenko Group, members of the Red Block communist party on trial for leading protests against the Western-backed oligarchy, and represents other political forces targeted by Plahotniuc. Ursachi has presented extensive evidence of human-rights abuses by the regime before the European Parliament and other international bodies, earning the enmity of the oligarchs. She also initiated the grassroots #NuMaTem (I Am Not Afraid) protest held on August 27 to challenge the oligarchy’s lavish spending on “independence day” celebrations in the capital.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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