St. Petersburg, Russia: Rally in memory of the heroes of October ‘93

On October 4 in St. Petersburg, a rally will be held in memory of heroes who fell in the days of the popular uprising in October 1993. 

On this day, 23 year ago, the authorities suppressed an uprising of the people. Under the batons of OMON riot police, army bullets, Interior Ministry special forces and mercenaries, up to 1,500 people were killed. After this bloody crime, the doors were wide-open for the approval of an authoritarian regime in Russia, from which grew Putinism with its political prisoners, rigged elections and the destruction of social sphere of the country.

We, the activists of the St. Petersburg branch of the United Communist party (OKP), remember and honor the heroes of the Moscow uprising, and we consider it necessary to continue their struggle for genuine democracy and socialism.

Come to the memorial rally and protest on October 4 at 18.00 on the Champ de Mars.

No forgiveness for the executioners!

To remember — means to fight!

Glory to the heroes of October ‘93!

United Communist Party

VK event page:
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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