Alexey Albu: By renouncing communist symbols, KPU accepts ‘rules of the game’

Sept. 28: Changing the communist hammer and sickle insignia suggests that the leaders of the Communist Party of Ukraine have accepted the current system of government, and play the game by its rules. This view was expressed to InfoCenter’s correspondent by the expert of the Institute of Innovative Development and ex-deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Alexey Albu.

Alexey noted that by changing its symbols, the KPU is not trying to protect its members from possible prosecution, but on the contrary, is fully integrated into the current political system.

Alexey Albu

“The Communist Party has experienced a number of transformations, and the rejection of the communist symbols is only part of a long journey from Marxism to opportunism. The whole political activity of the Communist Party was to trade votes in Parliament, and in the most critical moment for the country, the party played a despicable role by voting in favor of the anti-constitutional decision to appoint Turchinov acting president, thus supporting the coup,” said the former deputy.

Alexey also noted that during the uprising in the Southeast of the country, the Communist Party did not support the rebels, and adopted a resolution “On the fight against separatism in the party,” which resulted in the expulsion of dozens of activists who supported the Antimaidan.

“The Communist Party is part of the monstrous political system created in Ukraine after the coup d’état, and the rejection of communist symbols only confirms the conclusion that the party has accepted the rules of the game imposed by the new government,” said Albu.

Alexey gave the example of the banned Union Borotba (Struggle) and the other communists who do not accept the change of symbols, but continue to display red flags in the streets of various cities, and continue to protect the monuments to Lenin. According to him, they are doing this because they do not accept the new regime.

“Since the beginning, [First Secretary Petro] Simonenko’s KPU has been a participant in the play acted out before the world community entitled: ‘In Ukraine there is an opposition,'” Albu said.

He said there is a real opposition in Ukraine, but it is underground.

Earlier, it was reported that the Communist Party risked punishment for advocating communism and replaced its symbols.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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