Lugansk Communists discuss prospects for the left with groups from Russia and Ukraine

August 5: Young Communists of Lugansk attended a summer camp of leftist organizations in Crimea. This was reported by the press service of the Communist Party.

The initiators of the camp were the Marxist organizations “Left Student Action” and “Red Guard Spartacus.”

The camp was also attended by guests from “Working Platform,” “Alterra” and a number of anarchist groups in Russia and Ukraine.

The main topic of discussion was the activity of the left in a prolonged period of reaction.

Representatives of “Red Guard Spartacus” expressed the view that the main aim of the communists in modern conditions should be further development of the teachings of Marx, updating them in accordance with modern conditions, which differ from the conditions of the 19th century. They insisted that the communists must now go into careers in science, history, economics and sociology, in order to modify theory by joint efforts and thereby allow the left movement to keep pace with the times.

The opposite point of view was voiced by “Working Platform,” according to which the main task today is the economic, trade union struggle for workers’ rights, with the gradual involvement of the proletariat in the political struggle. According to “Working Platform,” theorists will gradually emerge from among activist-fighters for the interests of the proletariat, in accordance with the law of transformation of quantity into quality. “Working Platform” expressed the view that the withdrawal of the Left into academic fields would lead to its isolation from the proletariat, and as a result the movement will remain purely theoretical and without any real connections with the people fighting for their rights.

We listened with great interest to the reports of the Ukrainian comrades participating in the camp, who spoke about the real state of affairs in the country, which has become a haven for neo-Nazi organizations and right-wing militants from all over the former Soviet Union and parts of Europe. Comrades shared their own experience of confronting the neo-Nazis, described the tactics of the past, and their military and ideological training.

Lugansk Communists made a presentation on the situation in the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Ukrainian side of the front (the so-called “ATO zone”). During the discussion of the report, it became abundantly clear that neither Russian citizens nor residents in the rear of Ukraine have any idea about the current conflict, the forces behind it, or the lives of their brothers and sisters who for one reason or another found themselves on the front line. This once again confirms the need to bring the truth about the war to the wider world as soon as possible, using all possible resources.

The work of the camp was very productive and fruitful, and was highly appreciated by all participants.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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