Alexey Markov: Victory Day!

By Alexey Markov, Ghost Brigade deputy commander
Kirovsk, Lugansk People’s Republic

May 9: This story happened just a few hours ago. Coming back from the 44th checkpoint on 2nd base, our car was attacked and captured by local residents, led by the mayor of the village. I only had time to relay on the radio that we were captured, before we were almost forcibly pulled out of the car and dragged toward the house. 

Photo: Greg Butterfield

After that, I remember only snatches. “No, no, I do not drink! Uh, he doesn’t drink, it is not allowed. Kulesh? Well, just a little, we should go. No, chicken is no longer fit. Very nice, Comrade Mayor. Yes, it’s me with you on the phone … no, the second soldier is also driving. Yes, both. Of course, we’ll be sure to come back! What giblets? Oh, thank you, but I … no, beer is also impossible. I cannot eat so much!”

In general, only after a heap of joint photos, mutual toasts and promises to return, we managed to escape. They accompanied us hand in hand to the car. Then with all the locals gathered up the food to go to the 44th checkpoint, to congratulate our guys!

Incalculable suffering of the local people, groaning under the yoke of Russian invaders, yeah.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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