Lugansk communists appeal to peoples of Europe on eve of Victory Day

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Lugansk Communists appeal to the peoples of Europe on the eve of May 9, the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism

May 9, 2016, marks 71 years since Europe was liberated from fascism. Today, many politicians are trying to downplay or distort the significance of this event, presenting it as an ordinary episode in the history of the 20th century. Such silence and rewriting of history has only one purpose – by depriving peoples’ memory of these tragic and great events of the past, to deprive them of a healthy future.

People who remember the humiliation and horrors of the occupation, the spirit of resistance, who remember how a handful of politicians, capitalizing on feelings of patriotism and pride, were able to deceive their people, and plunge them into a monstrous meat grinder of war, allowing terrible hate crimes — such people will never allow the repetition of these terrible events.

People who remember how people around the world united for the sake of victory over the plague of fascism – forgetting about old misunderstandings and differences of cultures, religions and languages ​​— such people will never allow dishonest politicians to erect artificial barriers between peoples. After all, 1945 as clearly showed, the people of the world want peace, which means that what they have in common is much greater than their differences.

Those who today call on us to forget the important lessons of May 9 do not want peace, but a new war. The policy of appeasement of fascism already played a cruel joke once on the peoples of Europe: the governments of some countries sacrificed others, reassuring their countrymen that the war would not come to them. But subsequent events showed that there is no hiding from war. Fascism – that cruel pagan god – will not be limited to one victim, and will always require new ones. And one day it will come to every home and every family.

To forget how fascism was defeated, and at what price the victory was won, means to give fascism another chance to take root in the future.

And because of this, we, the Communists and people of Lugansk, call on all left and anti-fascist forces in the European countries to organize May 9 commemorative events dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory.

We appeal to all the peoples of Europe not to let those in power take away our memory. May 9 is our shared history, our shared pain and glory.

Together, let us honor the memory of the heroes who brought peace to Europe. However, let us also remember that we are the heirs and descendants of these heroes. Together we will make a united front against 21st century fascism.

Head of Lugansk Communists

May 4, 2016

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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