Moldova’s Red Bloc on May Day: Independent trade union movement needed

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The editor of the website Grenada received a statement from the political party Red Bloc (Our Home is Moldova), which we publish in full:

The political party “Our Home is Moldova” (Red Bloc) congratulates all working people on the International Day of Workers’ Solidarity! No matter how hard the ruling classes downplay the significance of May Day, this day, this festival, brings together workers from all countries and continents, all people who are fighting for equal rights, for new social gains and the preservation of existing ones, who advocate for world peace, to overcome all forms of discrimination and exploitation.

Today in Moldova is not for celebrations! More than ever, everywhere the rights of working people are violated. Low wages, lack of social security, non-compliance with labor laws, in particular the 8-hour working day, delay of wages, discrimination against women and persons with disabilities in employment — all this is the result of the failure of social -economic policy of the current repressive oligarchic regime!

We condemn the toothless and helpless existing trade union bosses, who have completely forgotten the purpose of the trade unions and have become a business unit of Ilan Shor [Moldovan oligarch and head of the Savings Bank of Moldova]. Instead of fighting for the rights and interests of workers, today the Moldovan trade unions are engaged in the sale and disposal of trade union property in the interests of the ruling clique. We believe Moldova needs a new trade union movement, which will not grovel before the authorities, and will truly defend the interests of working people!

We call on all workers, state employees, and salaried employees stop paying union dues to the institutions controlled by Ilan Shore. It is necessary to unite in new independent trade unions capable of performing their true functions.

Long live May Day!

Long live the solidarity of the working people all over the world!

May 1, 2016


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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